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Cold Stone is a side quest in Dead Island. It is triggered when the Hero encounters a bus stuck in a pond in the jungle with a couple trapped inside.


The Hero must rescue Carlos and Maria who are trapped in the bus. Once the area is cleared of zombies, Carlos offers a reward.


  • You'll automatically be given this quest once you near the area.
  • You'll hear Maria crying for help and Carlos fighting off the zombies.
  • Head over to a crashed bus which is partly sunk into a pool of water.
  • You'll see Carlos fight off a bunch of Walkers who are invading the bus.
  • Help him fight off all the zombies in the area.
  • Talk to Carlos to receive your reward and finish the quest.


  • Sometimes, Carlos may not be present in the area. In this case, leave to some other area after defeating the zombies and saving Maria, and return to the bus afterwards.
  • Also, this mission may have a glitch where if you complete it, it does not show up in your completed quests list. Currently it's unknown whether the credit is awarded or not, but you cannot go back and try it again once you've done it once.
  • Carlos will help you fight while Maria hides safely in the bus. This also means Carlos can die. When I killed all the zombies after he died, the map showed the reward icon on his corpse. Unfortunately, there was no option to claim it. The quest did not show up in the list and the survivors did not spawn again.
  • The zombies will show up as white skulls on the minimap when you start the quest, so you know how many of them are left to kill.