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The Clotter is an Apex zombie featured in Dead Island 2 SoLA DLC. They are first encountered in the Eco village during the main quest Shit Hits The Fan.


Clotter are unique among Apex zombies in that they are not former humans turned infected. Instead, they are humanoid masses of amalgamated flesh and bone formed from mashed and/or blended zombies' corpses, reformed from piles of infected biomass and reborn into Clotters.

They can deform themselves into pseudoliquid blood-like flesh, and reshape themselves back to their base humanoid form, they use this ability to "teleport" toward the Slayers or to evade their attacks. Clotters will shoot slayers with their blood-like substances from their chest, and will go into melee combat if they gain an upper hand or forced to do when a slayer gets too close.

The first Clotter to be created, The Dirge, appears to act as leader figure among the Clotters and is capable of forming other Clotters from biomass piles.


Clotters themselves have a bipedal shape and have pale gray flesh, tinged red with blood around the hands, mouth and chest. Strands of gray hair hang from their heads and they have cataract eyes. The overlapping wrinkled layers of skin on their bodies imitate the appearance of clothing. They also have an exposed organ on their chests resembling a brain or a heart, which is used to expel a stream of a harmful red liquid, most likely poisonous blood.

Clotters tend to stand around the same height or slightly taller than the average human/zombie. The tallest one observed is The Dirge.

Notable Clotters[]

  • The Dirge - Encountered across SoLA during the story quests, finally fought at the Eclipse nightclub in Utopia.
  • Restless Clotter - Found at Utopia within the grounds.
  • The Amalgamation


  • They are immune to bleed damage.
  • They take 25% (multiplicative) increased damage from fire damage.
  • They take 5% (multiplicative) increased damage from hits against their arms.
  • They take 50% (multiplicative) reduced damage from hits against their legs.
  • They take 40% (multiplicative) reduced damage from shock damage.
  • They take 50% (multiplicative) reduced damage from Projectile weapon damage.
  • Clotters are always enraged.
    • Enraged is considered a harmful status effect, meaning that the damage boost from No Mercy is always active against Clotters.
  • Their arms are maimed after taking 7% of their total health as damage to the arm, meaning they are easily maimed. They grow back after they reshape.


  • Like Burster and Whipper, they have ability to speak, but unlike the formers, Clotters are capable of speaking full sentences.
  • Clotters, unlike all zombies, are somewhat intelligent, and seems to have collective consciousness (hive mind), as the first born Clotter named The Dirge pronounced itself as "We" and then summoned the other two Clotters to fight the Slayer.