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#Clickbait is a side quest given to the Slayers by Amanda Styles in Dead Island 2.


Help Amanda to shoot her viral video.


  • Whilst travelling back through the GOAT Pen during the main quest The Chosen One, you will hear someone calling out to you and killing zombies. On the roof of the GOAT Pen is Amanda, and she needs your help. She's an influencer and wants to make it big by filming zombie killing, since her fellow competitor influencers are all dead or undead. However, filming herself killing zombies isn't good media due to the shaking of it, so she needs you to kill them for her whilst she records from the roof.
  • Amanda then tells you to turn on the music to attract the zombies and get to killing.
  • At the back of the roof is a music desk with music loaded ready to go. Take out your best weapon, ready some medkits and interact with the desk to start playing music.
  • A mix of Runners, Shamblers and Walkers will invade the roof from the road, and will not stop spawning for the duration of the quest.
  • First, Amanda needs you to kick zombies off the roof. Six zombies, to be precise.
  • Using the Drop Kick skill makes easy work of it, simply lead the zombies towards the edge of the roof facing the pool and continuously drop kick as much as your Stamina allows. Don't bother killing them using a weapon, as you can kill as many as you want and it won't progress the quest. Instead dodge or block to evade damage and regenerate stamina until you can drop kick more.
  • Once six zombies have been kicked off the ledge, Amanda calls down to you. It's good watching, but she's worried the viewers will think there's a crash mat below or something, so you need to switch it up. She wants you to now maim zombies by either cutting or breaking their limbs. Zombies do not stop spawning during this time, so be aware.
  • Once the quest advances, slay to your hearts content. Any maim will do, be it cutting off limbs or heads, or breaking them using a blunt weapon. Finishing moves such as a head stomp also count. A total of twelve limbs need to be maimed to complete this section. Once this is done, Amanda will call down to you once again.
  • Amanda likes the killing, but something is missing. The 'boomers', as she puts it, love life hacks, which is why you now need to kill six zombies using fire.
  • There's multiple open flame pits and burning floor to achieve this, however there are also Gas Jerrycans and explosive tall black heaters which will explode into fire, which can be used to kill zombies with burning. Using the drop kick skill into the fire pits and open flames can work, however the quicker strategy is to round up the zombies and then detonate either a jerrycan or one of the explosive heaters, which will guarantee at least one fire kill.
  • Chonkers, a Crusher, also appears during this stage of the quest, as do Burning Runners and Burning Walkers.
  • Once six zombies have been killed with fire, the music automatically stops and you're told to kill the remaining zombies on the roof.
  • Once they're all dead, talk to Amanda.
  • She's very happy with the results, and almost forgets that she was intended to get out of Los Angeles. She tries to persuade the Slayers to remain with her, so she can record more videos, but the Slayers are adamant that this was a one time deal. Amanda is bummed but consoles herself that she needs to edit the video and other things before she can do anything. The Slayers mention that survivors are gathering at Emma Jaunt's mansion, and that Amanda should seek shelter with them. The two part ways, ending the quest.


  • Several Medkits can be found across the roof of the GOAT Pen, along with Energy Drinks and Protein Bars so you can heal up during the fights.
  • Various improvised weapons are found across the roof, in case you were ever without a weapon during the quest.
  • After the quest is completed, Amanda will appear at Emma's mansion.