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Clear the Path is the eighth main quest in the Ryder White's Campaign DLC in Dead Island.


Ryder White needs to clear out the prison showers and clear a way for the heroes to get to Cell Block C.


  • After walking in on Charon talking to someone on the radio in an Australian accent, Ryder's suspicions start to grow but he keeps them silent for now. Talking to Charon, he tells Ryder that some people are on their way and that the two of them need to 'roll out the red carpet' and get them to go exactly where they need to go. Charon tasks him with clearing out the showers to prepare for their arrival.
  • Go down the stairs in the control room and out the door at the end. Turn right and go down the corridor. You'll recognise this area as where the elevator is and where you meet up with Yerema and Jin in the main game. By going right, you might remember it as the way to the showers.
  • A short way down there's some Walkers feasting on a body. Next to you there's a propane tank you can pick up. Do that and throw it at the Walkers, then shoot it to blow it and the Walkers up.
  • This will alert the Walkers and Infected around the corner to your presence and you can gun them down with an auto rifle from a distance, making easy work of the small horde.
  • Go around the corner to find the entrance to the showers. The double doors are open but luckily these lead up to the observation deck above the showers. From here, there's a lot of propane tanks as well as a crate that has some incendiary grenades and a single grenade in it. Throw down the tanks and detonate them to take out all the Walkers, the two Thugs and the Floater out that's down here. There's also some ammo so you can gun down those not caught by the blast.
  • Once everything is dead, drop down into the showers themselves via the open section at the back of the observation deck. A dead guard is here to help you identify it.
  • Once you drop down, Charon tells you that you need to clear out the sewers for the vaccine carriers. Charon won't have radio contact with you down there, so be careful.
  • In the doorway behind you there's a Thug and a load of Walkers. Throw one of your grenades/incendiary grenades to clear them all out in one easy go, then proceed through the doorway.
  • There's a small room here with some ammo and a workbench, as well as a lever. Use it to unlock the grate next to you that allows you to enter in to the sewers. It also locks the doors behind you closed, so you can't return to the showers.
  • Go down the ladder to the sewers. After dropping down, there's a load of Walkers here as well as a suicider. One Walker will try and grab you from around the small wall in front of you, so don't let it. Kill all the zombies and then head forwards.
  • Following the bend you'll find yourself at a slope with some Infected at the top. There's also a propane tank here which you can use to explode the Infected as they run down the slope at you, which is an effective way of both saving bullets and killing the Infected!
  • Proceed up the slope to the top. If you look down the end, off in the distance, you can see a horde of Walkers, a Floater and an Infected. Equip an incendiary grenade (if you have one, a normal grenade also works but is less effective) and head towards them. Throw it at them when you're not too far away and it should land right amongst the Walkers, killing them all as well as the Infected, while also damaging the Floater. There's an explosive barrel here that you can explode to deal extra damage to the Floater which you can then just gun down.
  • Next to the furthest fan is a control switch. Pull it to stop the spinning fan and allow you to pass through the blades. Do the same to the fan at the bottom, then go left.
  • You'll attract some Infected from out of the fog, a total of 5, so back up and gun them down. If you're quick enough, you can go through the fan and turn it on again before shooting the barrel on the other side to blow up the Infected.
  • Go down the tunnel the Infected came from to be attacked by another horde of them! Gun them down and follow the tunnel to a ladder at the end. Climb up it to escape the sewers.
  • You're on the other side of the lower room of the control room and through the door you can hear Charon talking to the heroes in his Australian accent. The door remains locked until after he's finished talking, then you can open it and go up the stairs to meet him again.
  • A cutscene will play where Ryder bursts into the cage, handgun in hand demanding to know who Charon was talking to and why he was impersonating White. At first, Charon is nonchalant about it, asking White 'what kept you, colonel?'. However, Ryder threatens to kill him despite Charon trying to persuade White that by impersonating him it was the only way to get the heroes to do what he said, as they wouldn't believe a convict. Ryder's not convinced, saying that Charon has outsmarted even himself this time, as White could have turned Emily over to the experts while Charon has just wasted her time of possibly living. Angrily Charon tells him that they would have no idea what to do and that by helping him he's betrayed the Consortium, but Ryder just replies saying that by following him he's betrayed his country. Charon still tries, telling him that the heroes are bringing an antidote that Kevin helped make from the natives on Banoi and that his wife could still be saved, but denies White's request to hear it from the heroes themselves, stating that by revealing himself to not be White it will break down any trust he may have and prevent the heroes wanting to reach them. Fighting with himself, Ryder decides to lower the gun, ending the cutscene and quest.


  • You can find one of Emily's recordings in the back room of the showers, where you use the lever to open the grate to the sewers. While you can't pick it up, you can listen to it.
  • Another of Emily's recordings is found in the sewers if you go through the fan which is stopped. Near the fan at the bottom is an unrecognisable body with some ammo next to it as well as a recording.