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The City Tunnel Gas Station is a location in Dead Island located in the Resort.

It is one of the locations for obtaining gas for the quests, Ashes to Ashes and Fluid Necessity. It also contains juice boxes which are part of the quest Seek'n'Loot.

Zombies are roaming the area and will occasionally be electrocuted in various spots around the station. Shutting off the electrical current causing this occurrence is part of the quest Waterdance, which will begin automatically when the player arrives near the front entrance of the gas station.


The tunnel gas station is a wide, open area in a beautiful spot a short way from a beach. There's a large, wide road heading to it and it is the final building before the City Tunnel to Moresby. It involves four main areas. One is the gas pumps under a covered roof, the second is the main shop building with the counter, the third is the open hanger area which would likely have been an area for vehicles to park while the final area is the workshop building.

The gas pumps are pretty self explanatory, while the shop is initially barred from the inside. After the side quest Waterdance, the ladder up to the roof is accessible which allows you entry via smashing a skylight. There's not much inside, a cash register to loot and a couple of juice boxes and gas cans. You can unbar the door which allows access through the front door if you ever came back.

The covered, open workshop contains one of the switches for Waterdance as well as a workbench, but not much more than that. Inside the main workshop building at the rear of the complex, however, there is some decent loot as well as the final switch. There's some boxes to jump over to gain access to the fenced off outside, while inside are a bunch of zombies as well as the option to remove the blockage and open the door.


  • There's a cash register inside the station building for some quick cash.
  • Inside the gas station shop is a vending machine that will dispense energy drinks.
  • A fast travel map is located on the wall of the nearby City Tunnel, which means you can easily fast travel to and from this location if you wish.
  • There's a lot of zombies around, including many Infected, Walkers and Thugs, meaning this area can be dangerous if unprepared, so bring a car and some decent weapons when exploring this area.
  • If you travel too far away from the gas station, toward the tunnel entrance, you might attract the burning Infected, so keep away unless completing Waterdance.