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City Newcomer is a medium difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Marvin in Dead Island: Riptide.


The heroes are asked by Marvin to go check the Old Town Cinema to see if it is safe for the group to travel to.


  • Talk to Marvin to start the quest.
  • He'll ask you to go check out the nearby cinema to see if it is safe and clear for the group to move to as a new base of operations. He also tells you that the person who owned and run the cinema is called Jacqueline and she might still be there.
  • Head up the ramp to reach the café seating area next to a gated passage. This gate is locked, so go into the café building and grab the Harbor Key off the counter with the register to open it.
  • Open to door and go down the pathway to arrive at the plaza in front of the Bank of Henderson. There's some Walkers on the way, and in the plaza are more Walkers and some Infected.
  • Kill them all, starting with the Infected before finishing the Walkers.
  • Go through the open way on the right and cross over a bridge. Follow the path forwards before turning left down a small alleyway.
  • Take the first left to arrive at a flooded area. Take a left to arrive at a flooded open area full of Drowner bodies and some stairs to your left.
  • Kill the Drowners then head up the stairs.
  • You're now in a courtyard in front of the cinema but there's lots of bad news here! The cinema is locked tight, there's a whole gaggle of Walkers as well as a wild Ram here.
  • You're in a sticky situation, as the quest tells you to check around the back but you can't do that with an angry Ram after you.
  • Dodge the Ram while you deal with the Walkers, then tackle the Ram. See its dedicated page for general tips and strategies on dealing with it.
  • Once everything is dead, go back down the steps and return to the large flooded area you first arrived at. Next to the side wall of the cinema is a set of stairs.
  • Go up them and follow them around to the back of the cinema. There's a Thug guarding a tall ladder up to the roof.
  • Kill the Thug then use the ladder to reach the roof.
  • Use the open doorway to descend into the cinema. This automatically finishes the quest and starts the follow up quest Front Row.


  • You can easily use a sonic pulse grenade to instantly kill all the Drowners in the pool. This saves you a lot of hassle.
  • You can use a raised wooden platform in the corner of the cinema front courtyard to easily deal with the Ram. Jump onto the wooden platform and stay towards the centre rear of it. The Ram can't get you but you can headshot it with a firearm if you have good accuracy. There's also a ladder here which leads to an open balcony. If you have throwables like a molotov, you can climb up the ladder and just throw throwables at the Ram until it dies.