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Whose idea was it to blow up the bridges?"

"Blowing the bridges was the only thing to do. It was the only way to keep out the infection."

"Yeah they can't get in, but we can't get out.
— Two Richmans in Town Hall arguing about the bridge destruction

The City Bridge, called in game the Oldtown Bridge, is a location featured in Dead Island. It was the bridge connecting the poor part of the city of Moresby to the wealthy area.

Prior to the events Dead Island, Ryder White had planted explosives on the bridge, destroying it. Beforehand, a Raskol gang had stationed themselves on the bridge, hoping to break through the barricade before the demolition of the bridge. If the bridge had not been destroyed, then the Raskol gang would have broken through the police barriers on the bridge and made it towards the wealthy area. However, this would have opened the path for zombies to invade the other part of the city as well.

During the events of Dead Island, the Heroes are told by Mother Helen that the bridge to wealthy area was detonated before their arrival, in order to, presumably, prevent the poor people from looting the wealthy area. (It is revealed in Ryder White's Campaign that the actual purpose of detonating the bridge is to contain the infection) Being obliged by this, the heroes then travel through the Sewers to the Town Hall in hopes of getting supplies. On their arrival, two richmen, including Sony Haoda, are arguing about the demolition of the bridge, stating that doing so has cut off their paths of either running away or getting possible help. You later see them lowering cases of supplies to Jin and Joseph on the other side of the bridge.


The City Bridge is a large, concrete road bridge that spans across the river dividing Moresby. Prior to the outbreak, it would have been the main mode of transport for both vehicles and pedestrians to get between the wealthy area and the slums of Moresby. It's a duel carriageway roadway with a pavement on the sides for people to walk across. The main material used for the bridge is reinforced concrete, with several large and thick legs sunk into the river for strength and stability. There's a side wall either side of the pavement as well as metal stairs to get onto the legs and under the bridge for maintenance.

During Ryder White's Campaign, the bridge is blown to prevent the infection spreading from the failed quarantine. Several C4 explosive charges were planted by Ryder White on the legs of the bridge before being exploded remotely. The bridge structure was destroyed in the middle, sending the middle section of the bridge into the river, along with various zombies and abandoned vehicles with it. The interior structure of the bridge can be seen, as well as the debris littering the river below.


  • During Ryder White's Campaign, you can find a unique auto rifle named M16. It has a unique model and is a reference to the real M16 assault rifle.
  • During Dead Island, you can find ID card #34 on one of the wrecked cars near the end of the bridge.
  • There's some Walkers pretending to be dead on the bridge as well, which will come alive when you get close.