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Cindy is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


She is first seen when the group moves to the Lifeguard Tower, she is involved with the side quest Life in the Bag  where Jack ask the Hero to fetch some first aid so he can help Cindy. After the mission is complete, Cindy will remain coughing on a table for a little while, before disappearing.


Cindy is a young woman with brown hair. Like most female survivors in the Resort, Cindy wears a bikini with no shoes or other clothing. The bikini is orange. She also wears a couple of string bead necklaces as well as a fitness band on her upper left arm and sunglasses.


  • In the text files, Jack states that Cindy passed away overnight, and that Mike buried her at the Golden Beach. He can be heard saying this immediately after completing the side quest Bloody Health Service!, even though Cindy is right next to him still, lying on the inflatable beach bed.
  • Although Jack calls her Anne in game, the text files label her as "Cindy".
  • Her coughing can still be heard after her death.
  • There are two couches in the lifeguard tower, but for some reason Cindy gets left on the floor until she is moved to a table.