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Cinchona tree bark that should heal Hadisi's brother
— in-game description

DIR Cinchona bark

Cinchona Bark is a quest item featured in Dead Island: Riptide. It is the bark of the Cinchona Tree. It is first mentioned to the Hero during the main quest Natural Resources where, in order to save a man named Batram's son, the Hero is advised by Dr. Jane Hanson to find three pieces of bark as a natural cure. After recovering three pieces of bark from around the Flooded jungle, the hero hands them to Batram and is allowed entrance to Marcus Villa's house in Mataka Village.


The bark appears exactly as you'd expect, as a large, jagged but relatively rectangular piece of rough wood. It is jagged at both ends, where it was either ripped off or fell off the tree it came from. It's rough on one side, the one facing the elements, while the other side is smooth from where it was facing the relatively softer inside of the tree. The bark is slightly curved from the shape of the tree trunk.


There are a total of three pieces of bark to find. They are located in different places, and won't respawn upon being collected.

  • One piece of bark is located in the back of a pseudo-Dead Zone, that's infested by Walkers, Infected and a large boss toxic Infected.
  • Another can be found at a small shrine hidden via a small pathway opposite the Zimakani Rest.
  • A final piece is located on a stone alter at the Moazik Shrine.


  • The bark is always found in a wooden bowl, so if you reach the marked locations and have trouble finding the bark, look for wooden bowls.
  • They can't be dropped or sold, as they are quest items.
  • They won't respawn, so you can't try and duplicate them for a different playthrough.
  • As they are quest items, they can't be traded to other players.