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"It's the Lord's will that you be here."
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Kwan! Thank God! I thought you were dead!
— Cho, upon seeing his brother again.

Cho is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is initially located inside an abandoned house during the side quest Blood Ties, but is escorted to the Warehouse by the Hero where he remains, along with his brother Kwan and a group of survivors led by Simon Buchanan.


Cho is a late aged man with balding black hair and a clean shaven face. He wears a green shirt, a black undershirt, tan slacks with a brown belt, and black and white shoes.


  • Kwan says that he and his brother came to Banoi from Korea in order to work. They tell the Heroes they send the money they earn back home, to their family.
  • It is never revealed whether Cho and his brother are from North or South Korea. But it is more likely they are South Korean due to heavy restrictions on travel and vilifying of the West carried out by North Korea.