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The Chinese War Sword is a two-handed bladed melee weapon introduced in Dead Island: Riptide. It can be given out as a Quest reward, sold by select Merchants or found in Metal chests or on killed Zombies.


The Chinese War Sword has high damage, long reach, and low durability. These properties are not just similar to those of the Katana, they are numerically identical, making it a functional copy of the Katana. While the war sword may look longer than the katana, it's reach is identical, though that's not such a bad thing. Having such a long reach means you can quite often get the first hit in, which is especially important against the stronger special infected found in the game. It can deal a lot of damage, being a bladed weapon, though continuous usage without constant repair will render it useless in no time, and it's also quite expensive to repair, being a strong bladed weapon, so it's more useful as an 'emergency backup' weapon for when swarmed for faced with a sudden special infected you were unprepared for.

Though statistically identical to the katana, the Chinese War Sword differs from it in one important regard: the selection of weapon modifications it will accept. In particular, the Chinese War Sword accepts a number of modifications which are primarily only available on blunt weapons, similar to the one-handed Shovel. These are mostly bleed or fire mods, something not available to the katana, so if playing as a character who gets bonuses in their skill tree to these special damage types, the war sword could well be a worthy replacement for the katana.


The Chinese War Sword can be modified with the following weapon mod blueprints:


  • Samuel Hardy will give one as a reward for completing the main quest The Ferry.
  • Can be found inside The Fort of Henderson.
  • A couple of merchants will sell one:
    • A Unique Chinese War Sword may be sold by Makayla if the player has purchased the Survivor Pack DLC.
    • A level 35 or above Unique Chinese War Sword may be sold by Pierre.
    • Level 35 and above may be sold by Zoey at varying rarities including exceptional (orange) rarity, depending on how much of her team quest you have completed. She will not sell any Chinese War Swords if the player has only completed part 1 of her team quest.