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The Checkpoint Guard is a named Crusher featured in Dead Island 2. He was a member of the United States Army and tasked with manning the checkpoint between Bel-Air and Beverly Hills. He is first met by the Slayers during the story quest O Michael, Where Art Thou?, where he needs to be killed.


Much like any other Crusher, the guard is slow moving but hard hitting. When unagitated, he will occasionally roar or patrol the area in front of the checkpoint, though when spotting a survivor, he will stomp towards them. When in close range, he swings his fists and arms to break bones or knock over the survivor. He will also leap in the air before slamming his fists in the ground, causing a shockwave to destabilize and knock over survivors.


The Checkpoint Guard is a robust and menacing zombified soldier. He sports a blonde crew cut and is dressed in a torn olive green US Army undershirt, UCP camouflage fatigue pants with a tan belt, combat boots, and a pad strapped to his left forearm.


  • Due to the guard being just a regular Crusher but with more health, any regular Crusher strategy will work on him.
  • He is not alone at the checkpoint, as he is joined by various military Walkers, Runners and Grenadier Walkers, making it difficult to target him safely. Targeting the small zombies first will make it easier to focus on him.
  • Various puddles of water can be found on the ground, which can waterlog the guard , making Electrocutor Mod weapons more effective.
  • The Grenadier Walkers can be used as mobile bombs by hitting their chest and setting off the grenades. The easiest way to do this is using the Shuriken Curveball. When they explode, they can deal good damage to the guard if he is close enough.
  • In addition to the mobile Grenadier Walkers, several inert bodies of Grenadier Walkers can be found on the floor but also detonated to achieve the same effect.