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Chasing the White Rabbit is a very hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Kevin in Dead Island.


The Heroes have to get to the roof before Ryder White by going through the prison hospital.


  • After watching the cutscene that plays at the end of the previous quest, the Kevin and the ladies will go the long way while the heroes travel through the infested prison hospital to try and reach the roof before Ryder White is able to fly away and call in a nuke on the island.
  • Follow the waypoints out of the control room until you reach a stairwell heading up. Follow it until you reach the top, where there'll be a workbench and a set of double doors. Use the workbench if needed before heading through the double doors.
  • There's a lot of zombies in the hospital, so have a good weapon ready and lots of medkits. You'll need them.
  • At the t-junction in the middle of the corridor are a load of Walkers, a Thug and a Suicider. You can use the Suicider to clear out some of them from a distance, before finishing off any of the Walkers and finally finishing up the Thug last if he's still alive.
  • Head right down the new corridor and you'll see it's broken up by some dividing barred walls and metal doors. At the first door is a Ram and some Walkers. Hopefully, the Ram wasn't attracted by the Suicider explosion. Deal with the Walkers before taking out the Ram.
  • There's two ways of going about this. Either you can clear out each wing separately and then going through the middle, or you can just chance going through the middle regardless. I suggest clearing out the wings left and right, otherwise you'll get swarmed.
  • if you do clear out each flank, one has a bunch of Infected while the other has a load of Walkers. Clear both sides then head through the middle corridor.
  • There's some more Walkers in the middle corridor, so kill them as you would normally.
  • Once again, you can clear out the flanks or just run through the middle. If you clear out the flanks, you'll again find one with Infected and the other with Walkers. There's also a Suicider hiding in one of the flanks, so be careful.
  • At the end of the corridor is another Ram and some Walkers. As before, clear out the Walkers before taking on the Ram.
  • Turn down the end of the corridor and run to the next stairwell. This will give you some respite to heal and repair before taking on the second floor. Head up the stairs and go through the double doors at the top of them.
  • As before, head to the t-junction in the middle of the corridor and kill the zombies there. Luckily it's just a few odd Walkers and a Suicider.
  • Also as before, you can choose to either clear out the flanks or just go through the middle. If you go through the flanks first, there's some Infected and Walkers to kill.
  • There's only two Infected in the middle corridor when you go through it, so kill them no problem.
  • Continue down the middle corridor. Once again, you can choose to clear out the flanks or not.
  • Behind the next set of double doors is a pair of Thugs. They can be a problem, especially in this confined space. Keep you distance from their attacks and try to separate them. A molotov or grenade is also perfect for this occasion to get some good damage on them. There's also a Suicider with them which you can use as a mobile bomb.
  • Continue down the corridor to reach your final obstacle, another Ram. Use the normal tactics to kill it, as it's alone.
  • After it's dead, it's smooth sailing to the roof. Head to the end of the corridor after turning at the t-junction and head up the stairwell. Use the fast travel icon on the door at the top of the stairwell to complete the quest and head to the roof.


  • There's a few metal chests in the control room when you regain control after the initial cutscene. Check them for weapons, as you won't be coming back here.
  • There's checkpoints at the stairwells leading to each floor of the hospital, both figuratively and literally. There's always a workbench for repairs as well as plenty of boxes of ammo for you to restock.
  • You will occasionally find a Floater in the hospital, but it's unknown how it got there, as Floaters need water to become what they are.
  • The hospital has the highest population density compared to area in the whole game. There's the most zombies in the least amount of space.
  • There's very little to loot in the hospital other than food for healing, so run through it as quickly as you can.
  • You can find the last two Roger Howard tapes here.
  • Having a fire weapon is useful for the hospital as a lot of the zombies here are toxic, so a fire weapon will one hit kill them from the fire burnout.
  • There's a lot of food and health items in plastic baskets scattered in the wings of the hospital, making clearing them out worthwhile.
  • Here's a steam guide which talks you through the hospital with pictures:


  • The white rabbit is a reference to the famous fairy tale; Alice in Wonderland, where Alice follows a white rabbit down its hole and finds "wonderland" and to the movie 'The Matrix' in which the main character is instructed to "follow the white rabbit".