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Cell Block A is a location inside the Prison in Dead Island. It is first encountered during the main quest The Green Mile, where the Heroes have to go into the cell block to rescue Titus' friend Alvaro. It is also the location of the side quest Acid Funk, where the heroes are asked by Dreyfus to get drugs from a known dealer's cell in the cell block.


The cell block is a typical cell block that you would think of when you think of a prison. It has got three tiers of cells, each of which are accessed by one of four set of thin metal stairs. There's a single walkway across the centre on each tier to allow easier passage from one side of the cells to the other, however the walkways are barred off to stop people being able to jump over the railings or throw a guard off it in the case of a riot. Each cell has the same layout, of three to four basic metal bunk beds, a toilet and a sink. There's no other amenities other than a small metal table and one or two chairs. On the ground there is a communal area which has some large tables and benches, as well as a couple of dividers to split up the area if needed. Overlooking the block is a control room, which has a large control panel to control all the cells, able to lock them all remotely and activate alarms. It also doubles as a guard rest area, since it is furnished with sofas, chairs, wood tables, cabinets and books for the guards to read on breaks.

After the Prison was overrun, the block was abandoned after the guards failed to contain both the zombies and the rioting prisoners. In block A, you have examples of both, as a row of guards can be seen executed on a wall, shot in a line by the prisoners, while Walkers roam the block on every tier. There's a Ram and Thug on the lower floor, while Infected are locked up in the cells waiting to be released.


  • It's a good idea to complete the side quest Acid Funk while completing the main quest The Green Mile, as they take place in the same location, being the cell block.
  • The zombies can respawn if you spend too long in the cell block after first killing them. This is most prominent with those on the ground floor, i.e. the Thug and Ram.
  • Infected do not appear in the cell block until the alarm is turned on during the quest The Green Mile. They also will not spawn after the alarm is turned off. However, they do respawn while the alarm is active, so you can in theory farm the Infected for meat to make meat bait.
  • You can access the cells that the Infected spawn from, but they don't have any loot. There's also an invisible wall that stops you going past the hanging down sheet.
  • There's a lot of rifle ammo that you can find in both the cell block and the corridor leading to it from the canteen.
    • There's one box on a dead guard in front of the security door in the hallway.
    • There's another box on the executed prison guards against the wall on the ground floor of the cell block.
    • Close to the bodies are some Walkers feasting on a body. Next to it is a box of ammo.
    • There's another box next to the overturned vending machine blocking the control room door.
    • You can find another next to Alvaro's cell.
  • You can find a box of shotgun ammo tucked behind the overturned vending machine as well.
  • There's also a load of energy drinks scattered on the floor in front of it if you need it.
  • There's a metal chest in the control room.