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The Caustic-X Walker is a zombie featured in Dead Island 2. They are variants of the Walker found all across Los Angeles but are most commonly found in Santa Monica.


Caustic-X Walkers are former members of the CDC who were equipped with portable tanks of Caustic-X for the purpose of disposing of infected corpses. Like Hazmat Walkers, they are immune to caustic damage due to their hazmat suits. Caustic-X Walkers are notable for having extensive chemical burns across their bodies as well as a pressurized tank of Caustic-X on their back. When the tank is damaged, it will leak Caustic-X and can potentially explode. This can inflict caustic damage to the player and quickly deplete their health. However, the Caustic-X from their tanks can also be used to damage and melt nearby zombies.

Caustic-X Walkers behave in a similar manner as normal Walkers. They are slow and will attempt to bite and grab players if they get too close. Like other Walker variants, Caustic-X Walkers are weak against other forms of damage and their limbs can be severed easily.


Caustic-X Walkers are zombified CDC personnel wearing the remains of a white CDC-issue Level C hazmat suit with black boots and a gas mask, together with a green tank of Caustic-X strapped to their back. Much of the suit and the zombie's body appear to have been heavily damaged by immense chemical burns. However, enough of the suit seems to be intact for it to still provide resistance against caustic damage, and enough of the zombie's body still remains for it to be active.

Notable Caustic-X Walkers[]




Name Criteria Description
First Blood Once part of the CDC's pandemic strategy, these Walkers wear hazmat suits and carry a pressurized tank of CAUSTIC-X to help dispose of infected corpses.
Under The Skin Like all other CDC zombies, Caustic-X Walkers are immune to CAUSTIC damage thanks to their hazmat suits.
Sliced To The Bone Damaging the tank on this Zombie's back will cause it to leak CAUSTIC-X, which can start MELTING other zombies around it.
Deep In The Guts Kill 50 Caustic-X Walkers Shooting or severely damaging the tank will CAUSTIC EXPLOSION! Fun for all the family.

Zombie Challenges[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Walk On By
Walk On By 1 Kill 50 Walkers
Walk On By 2 Kill 100 Walkers
Walk On By 3 Kill 1000 Walkers
Those Who Melt It
Those Who Melt It 1 Kill 10 Caustic-X Walkers or Slobbers
Those Who Melt It 2 Kill 50 Caustic-X Walkers or Slobbers
Those Who Melt It 3 Kill 100 Caustic-X Walkers or Slobbers