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Weapons are found throughout Banoi and Palanai, and can be as simple as a wooden board to a highly modified electric death dealing machine. Weapons can be found by killing enemies, in locked or unlocked metal chests, on the ground, or embedded in walls and bodies. Weapons can also be obtained as a reward from completing certain quests.

With the exception of the Legendary Weapons, each type of weapon is available in multiple rarities. The higher the rarity of the weapon, the greater the base and mod stats will be as well as the cost and value.

Weapons also vary on the hero who wields them, such as Xian Mei being able to provide higher damage output when it comes to Sharp weapons and Sam B with Blunt Weapons

Available rarities include (in order of rarity):

  • White (Common)
  • Green (Uncommon)
  • Blue (Rare)
  • Purple (Unique), (Superior Riptide)
  • Orange (Exceptional and Legendary), (Ultimate Riptide)

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