Each upgraded weapon replaces the last in the category, except the Walloper, Katana and Assault rifle.


Only used for silent kills


Army Knife (replaces Screwdriver)

1st weapon slot

Makeshift Club

Trusty Axe (replaces Makeshift Club)

Advanced Axe (replaces previously equipped axe)

Lever Axe required to open certain doors (replaces previously equipped axe)



2nd weapon slot

Pistol given to you by Xian Mei when first visiting the Airfield.

Silenced Pistol (replaces pistol)

The Walloper (uses pistol ammo)

3rd weapon slot

Shotgun Given to you by Xian Mei when entering GeoPharm Laboratories.

Hellfire Shotgun (replaces Shotgun)

Assault Rifle found in the underground tunnels in the lap of a dead guard, (uses shotgun ammo).

All items (2)