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EDI Roland's logs

The model used for all of Ronald's logs when you view them from in the gallery

Ronald's logs are collectibles that can be found in Escape Dead Island: Underwater Labs DLC. After being collected, they can be viewed again from the gallery button on the main menu.


  • Log 1 - Inside a room found shortly after entering the Underwater Labs, just before going down the first stairway you find.
  • Log 2 - Inside the room were you meet the Dweller for the first time.
  • Log 3 - Next to where the Assault Rifle is found.
  • Log 4 - In a hidden room accessed via a hidden vent in the red light room where a generator is used to distract a Dweller.
  • Log 5 - In a room filled with Explosive Barrels accessed via a vent after distracting the Dweller with the generator.
  • Log 6 - Inside a room with a Spitter and Butcher, immediately after exiting a vent from a room where two separate Dwellers are distracted using generators.
  • Log 7 - In the fuel storage room shortly after Cliff Calo hallucinates a stairway ceiling breaking and flooding the lab.
  • Log 8 - Inside one of the bedrooms after going through the 'train ride' towards the end of the Labs, when Cliff once again hallucinates water pouring into the carriage.
  • Log 9 - On the bottom floor of the room where the Bouncer is first met in the DLC.
  • Log 10 - Found shortly after traversing the animal tanks area at the end of the Labs.
  • Log 11 - Down the DLC hatch on the beach at the Marina


  • All of Ronald's logs use the same model, being a large, old fashioned tape reel recorder.

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