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EDI GeoPharm file

The model used for all the GeoPharm files

GeoPharm Files are collectibles that can be found in Escape Dead Island. After being collected, they can be viewed again from the gallery button on the main menu.


  • GeoPharm File 1 - Inside the locked hut at the back of the Beach Bar on the Beach. Only accessible with the Lever Axe.
  • GeoPharm File 2 - In the cave system connecting the Beach to the Garbage Chute. There is a breakable barrier down a short tunnel which needs to be destroyed and the file is behind that.
  • GeoPharm File 3 - On an outcrop overlooking the pathway through the Jungle. The Grappling Hook must have been acquired and the attachment point is near the picnic area over the wooden footbridge.
  • GeoPharm File 4 - On the picnic table in the Jungle. After going past the broken bridge leading to the tunnel to the Freight Elevator and Helipad, cross to the other side of the stream and head up the slight incline. There's a picnic table with the file clearly in view.
  • GeoPharm File 5 - On a different outcrop in the Jungle, this time overlooking the broken bridge leading to the tunnel to the Helipad.
  • GeoPharm File 6 - Still in the jungle, this one is hiding behind a tree just before the footbridge leading to the pile of bodies at the base of the Mountaintop.
  • GeoPharm File 7 - Next to the small pool at the front of the Crown Residence, just before the Tennis Court. It can be seen from the breakable barricade that needs to be destroyed to reach the Tennis Court.
  • GeoPharm File 8 - Left after exiting the tunnel leading to the Airfield. The file will be hidden in the foilage.
  • GeoPharm File 9 - Against the wall on the outside of Dr. Faith Kimball's House in the Staff Village. After breaking through the barricade in front of the door out, head left and continue around the side of the house, the file is there.
  • GeoPharm File 10 - Up the slipe to the right after exiting the cave from the Mountaintop to GeoPharm Labs.
  • GeoPharm File 11 - Out in the open next to the tunnel entrance leading from the GeoPharm Labs to the Marina, the tunnel filled with gas.
  • GeoPharm File 12 - Inside the Refining Lab on a table in the small canteen area at the top of the lab. Just past the Rope attachment point leading down to Dr. Faith Kimball's Lab, the file is out in the open.
  • GeoPharm File 13 - After exiting the labs down the rope after the Locker Rooms. After going through the room below, the file is to one side of the small corridor.
  • GeoPharm File 14 - In the burnt room of the GeoPharm Labs just before the locker rooms. The file is nested between two burnt and charred metal filing cabinets.
  • GeoPharm File 15 - At the Crown Residence, after the electric fence. Turn right after crossing the fence line and it's up against the rock face.
  • GeoPharm File 16 - On top of the Warehouse at the Marina, on top of an aircon unit next to the Grappling Hook attachment point. The hook itself must have been acquired previously to reach it.
  • GeoPharm File 17 - On an outcrop overlooking the Docks, reachable from the road down from the bridge. Going through a bush to the left leads you to the outcrop and the file.
  • GeoPharm File 18 - Hidden behind a van opposite the outcrop where file 17 is found. Where the raised delivery door is seen, the file is behind the beige van to the side, up against the Warehouse wall.
  • GeoPharm File 19 - In the Staff Office after the catwalk, underneath the stairs, besides the book shelf.
  • GeoPharm File 20 - Behind one of the legs of the large cargo crane on the Marina Pier.
  • GeoPharm File 21 - Inside the van at the entrance checkpoint to the Marina. Crouching under the collapsed lamppost reveals the open side door of the van which contains the file.
  • GeoPharm File 22 - Inside the Crown Residence, just after getting teleported to the walk in freezer. Exit the freezer and clear the area, the file will be in a corner with some wine racks in the adjacent room to the kitchen.
  • GeoPharm File 23 - Inside the lower warehouse of the Freight Elevator, in the far corner from the entrance door hidden in some boxes.
  • GeoPharm File 24 - At the top of the grappling hook attachment point whilst travelling through the cave system leading from the Beach to the Mountaintop. After going up the rope next to the small stream, the file is in the open to the right, in a small cave.
  • GeoPharm File 25 - In the same area as file 24, but next to the stream this time. Instead of crossing over to go to the grappling hook point, continue down the side of the stream on the other side of it, and the file is at the end. It's easy to see from the grappling hook point.
  • GeoPharm File 26 - Down the small strip of beach at the Marina. After going down the rope to the beach, head to the right where you'll find one of the hatches from the Underwater Labs DLC, and just past that is the file in between some palm trees.
  • GeoPharm File 27 - Inside the Crown Residence, behind a bar in the upper section of the mansion, just before the Aaron Welles chase.
  • GeoPharm File 28 - Inside the Crown Residence, in the far left corner of the room containing snaphot 54 - the torture chair.


  • All of the GeoPharm files use the same medical folder model.
  • The GeoPharm files are the only collectibles in the game to not have an achievement for collecting them all.

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