Weapons can be found in Metal chests or can be given as a Quest or Side quests reward. Weapons are the main thing the Heroes want to look for upon spawning in the game. Weapons are used in combat when the hero encounters infected or any type of zombie. There 4 types of weapons the hero can find in the Dead Island series. Blades, Blunt, Hand To Hand, and Firearms. The Heros in Dead Island have special powers with certain weapons, for example, Xian Mei is a blade expert. John Morgan, a new character from Dead Island Riptide, is a hand to hand expert. Sam B, is a blunt expert. Logan Carter, is a thrown weapons expert, and the thrown weapons are usually throwing knifes. Purna Jackson, is a firearms expert. The heros all have a special ability with their specified weapons. The "Combat" skill tree is where the player can make their hero have more stamina, also with their weapons and with their strength. The Fury or Rage skill tree is where the player can make their heros rage become more fierce, and last long and have more effects with their specified weapon. Weapons can be combined with mods that the hero finds around Halai Village or anywhere on the island, also from doing quests. Blades can be combined with shock mods, Blunts can be mixed with weighted mods, and hand to hand weapons can be combined with barbed wire, if you have claws. Firearms can be combined with poison mods or fire mods. Thrown weapons can be combined with poison mods maybe a few others. There are two types of handled weapons. there is a two handed, and a one handed. Most blunt weapon you need both hands because they are heavy, and for most of the blades, you need one hand, only if the hero has a Katana or a Wakizashi. Firearms need two hands because they are long and have alot of power.

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