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Cat on the Roof is an easy difficulty side-quest given to the Hero by Ojibon in Dead Island.


The Hero must clear out the dead swarming Ojibon.


  • You'll automatically be given the quest when nearing his location.
  • Ojibon is trapped under his car surrounded by Walkers.
  • Kill them all however you want, just make sure they're all dead.
  • Once the area is cleared, Ojibon will crawl out from under his car and run into one of the nearby workshops.
  • Talk to him to complete the quest and get a small reward.


  • The location of this quest is near the Police Station. Looking at the cross junction facing the station, if you head left through the broken down barrier, you'll come across the warehouse.
  • Sometimes, you will find Ojibon inside the warehouse rather than underneath the car.
  • Despite the name being Cat on the Roof, Ojibon is neither trapped on a roof or climbs onto one.


  • The name of this quest may be based on the name of the play "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof".

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