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Cash Register

A cash register in the Definitive Edition

Cash Registers are a lootable Container featured in Dead Island, Dead Island: Riptide and Dead Island 2. They are containers that often give out large amounts of cash and are a reliable way to get a lot of money quickly, if you know some of their locations.


Cash registers are large plastic hulks with a lower blue metal tray which has a lock on it, for keeping the monetary contents safe. Above it is the main register unit, which is white with a small display on the right hand side for displaying the total amount and the totalling up each price as it is entered. Below that is a keypad with various coloured numbers for inputting different amounts. To the left is the receipt printer, which has a small cutter to help with tearing off the receipt easily the Registers either come in Medium, or Large size.


Dead Island[]

  • One can be found in the Water Sports Rental Kiosk, not too far from the Beach House.
  • Several can be found at the hotel, just after you enter the building at the start of the main quest Born to be Wild.
  • Each gas station has a cash register in the main building.
  • The two pharmacies in Moresby have cash registers in them.
  • Various random shops across Moresby can be entered and have cash registers in them.
  • The supermarket has got 4 registers in it upon entering the main shop floor.

Dead Island: Riptide[]

Dead Island 2[]


  • Like other containers such as safes, it is possible for you to not get anything when you search a register.
  • It is impossible to get anything other than cash in a cash register, unlike safes and other containers which can give out mod items.