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Carlos Salazar is a survivor and trader featured in Dead Island 2. He is located in Emma's mansion.


Carlos is a handyman for Superb Tool living in Los Angeles together with his mother, Andrea, and sisters Elizabeth and Luciana. He typically worked in the Bel-Air area for wealthy clients, such as Colt Swanson, for whom he fixed a gate keypad.

When the Autophage outbreak occurred and Emma Jaunt initially vacated her mansion, Andrea took it over for herself and her children to seek refuge in. Carlos attributes his safe arrival to Meat Bait, which he used to distract zombies in the streets.

He subsequently remains with his family in the confines of Emma's mansion and acts as a trader.


Carlos is a middle age to older man with balding black hair and a thick moustache. He wears a dark blue Superb Tool uniform shirt with his name tag, blue jeans held by a white belt, and black work boots. He has tattoos on both of his arms, a gold watch on his right wrist, two pens in his left shirt pocket, and a white name tag above his right pocket


Note: All of the possible items in Carlos' stock are not guaranteed to appear at once. He will have a different selection each time you load the game.





  • Medkit Blueprint
  • Pistol Rounds Blueprint (After the main quest Justifiable Zombicide is completed)