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My asthma inhaler's almost empty and I can't breath without it. The stress of all this is just making it worse.
— Carla, stating that her inhaler is almost empty.

Carla is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


She is first met by the Heroes in the Warehouse in Moresby, kneeling on a mattress and having an asthma attack with labored breathing. She gives the heroes the side Quest One Last Breath where they must find Carla an inhaler from one of the nearby pharmacies. After being given it, Carla remains in the warehouse for the rest of the game, recovering from her attack.


Carla is a young woman with short brown hair. She wears a cream jacket, a blue pinstripe shirt, a white undershirt, grey pants, and brown shoes.


  • All the other survivors in the warehouse don't seem to care that Carla is having an asthma attack.
  • Carla shares her first name with Carla from Town Hall and Carla from Dead Island 2.