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Candidate Rainier is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectables possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm. It is a memo by Dr. Zephron Osteen to Randgate staff about "candidate Ranier," and is the second of four collectibles for the Lost & Found quest, Missing: Rainier. The memo informs the research staff of Rainier's missing status from the lab, and details measures being taken to retrieve him and his helper from Hollywood Boulevard station, while reminding the staff to continue working.


The collectible is found inside the Randgate lab, dropping from the Firestorm Slobber inhabiting the lab.


All research staff,

By now I'm sure you are all aware that the candidate Rainier has been removed from the lab by a particularly misguided colleague.

Rest assured we will do everything we can to bring the candidate back. We know they are heading through the Metro and a security team has been dispatched to intercept them at Hollywood Boulevard station. Rainier's immunity means there is a good chance we can return him alive.

Until then, I urge you all to put distractions aside and continue your work. We all know what is at stake. If you feel you can no longer continue, you may request extraction via official channels. I, however, intend to continue our work here until the last possible second. I hope and trust that most of you will remain here with me.

Dr. Zephron Osteen


  • Given the journal is dropped from the Firestorm Slobber, it can be assumed it was an employee of the lab (despite the generic appearance).