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Call the Cavalry is the fourth story quest featured in Dead Island 2.


Discovering their immunity, the Slayer decides to visit the Halperin Hotel to inform authorities of the discovery.


  • Pick Sam's brain
    • The slayers want to inform the authorities about their immunity. Before leaving for the Halperin Hotel, you'll need to ask Sam B for advise. Head upstairs to the living room and pick Sam B's brain.
  • Learn from the master
    • Sam B highly advises you to stay put in the mansion, and that the authorities will not listen to you, or capture you an experiment on you. The Slayers are undeterred, however, so he informs you that if you insist on going, then you must be prepared.
  • Grab the machete from the workbench/Help yourself to nearby parts you can use or repurpose at the workbench
    • Pick up the uncommon rarity Machete on the Workbench and loot the nearby loot containers for this purpose.
  • Get to know your new best friend: a workbench
    • Once the last loot container is emptied, the Slayer automatically receives the Uncommon Melee Electrocutor Mod, which must be applied to the machete at the workbench. This functions as the workbench tutorial.
  • What's Carlos got for you?
    • Carlos Salazar has some additional stuff for you. Trade with him and pick up his free Meat Bait and Medkit Blueprint. If you farmed the loot containers, this would also be a good time to unload on some excess parts to make some quick Cash. You may also want to buy a Fuse for an easy weapon upgrade later in the game.
  • Let Emma know you're heading out to find the authorities
    • Head back to Emma Jaunt's room to inform her about your departure. Interacting with the balcony door will start a cutscene in which Emma and the Slayer will talk about wanting to leave LA. The slayer will ask where Emma was supposed to go according to the authorities to which she replies, the Halperin Hotel. Before the Slayer is on their way, Emma reminds them to not forget about her if they do find a way out.
  • The house is locked up tight, but Michael can let you out the back door
    • Head downstairs to the backdoor where Michael Anders will have Emma's House Keys for you. He doesn't want the Slayers to leave either, but will be persuaded by them that they have to go and find help. He will give them Emma's House Keys to allow them to freely come and go from the mansion. Upon going through the back door, the slayer will make a comment about playing with more people and a pop up will inform about co-op. From this point, co-op is unlocked.
  • Tell authorities that you're immune
    • Jump the back gate and head right, down the street. While walking down the street an earthquake will hit, knocking down a transformer which explodes upon hitting the ground. The explosion will trigger a police car's alarm. Remove the Battery to disable the alarm, and continue down the street. Some Zombies will likely have been alerted to this, so kill any that notice you and continue on.
    • The next obstacle is an electric puddle. You can jump over it without taking too much damage. Alternatively throw your meat bait into the puddle to lure nearby zombies to their death. After that throw a weapon at the transformer on the right to turn off the electricity so you can continue.
    • Even further down the street you will hear a survivor, Curtis Sinclair, talk over his intercom, and if interacted with you can take his Side-Quest The Death of the Party.
    • Continue down to the end of the street to find the GOAT Pen residence. You'll need to cut though the place in order to reach the Halperin Hotel. The doors are locked so you'll need to find another way inside. A set of stairs lead to the roof as some sky lights are open, allowing a way inside. Alternatively, you can smash the glass and drop down.
  • Steal a keycard for the Goat Pen
    • The back gates of the Goat Pen residence are also locked and require a GOAT Pen Keycard to unlock. Head past the stairs down and into the streaming room. One such keycard will be located on the desk. Pick it up. Alternatively, you may wander around the premise and defeat one or all the unique enemies named GOAT Pen Dan, GOAT Pen Troy and GOAT Pen Marissa who will all drop a GOAT Pen Keycard upon death.
    • Once you acquire a keycard, head downstairs and take a left, warp around the walls to find the stairs to the basement. Leave the house and head to the doorway out of the mansion. Cut through the alleyway and across the road to reach the army checkpoint which leads to the Halperin Hotel.
  • Make contact with the authorities at the Halperin Hotel
    • Once into the map, head forwards to reach Lacuna Avenue. Shurikens can be found stuck in a car and obtained as the your second Curveball.
    • Head down the street to the large cave in, where you can throw down a traffic light to kill all the zombies in the puddle. Alternatively, you can hit the water with your machete to electrify it, or take a battery from one of the cars down the road and throw it in.
    • Head down the side road towards the collapsd Halperin Hotel wall and sign, which is blocking the rest of the road. Instead, head left into the car park, where a crashed bus and ambulance can be found. Some Walkers and Shamblers are found here, but they're quite easily dealt with.
    • Cross the car park and crouch underneath the fence, heading up to the entrance of the hotel. More Walkers, Shamblers and Runners can be found here, so clear the way and head across to the front foyer and entrance of the hotel. Water can be found on the floor so that the car batteries and your electric machete can be used to get rid of the zombies with ease.
    • Just outside the building you will encounter your first Riot Gear Walker. Target the unprotected body parts to take him out. Alternatively, repeatedly target one of the armoured sections of the Walker to knock off his protection and allow you to damage his exposed parts.
  • Look for signs of life in the hotel
    • Once the area is safe, walk up to the front doors. They're locked with a Crowbar jammed between the handles. Remove the crowbar from the foyer entrance to gain access, where a load of zombies will be waiting for you, with some spawning from vents.
  • Kill 'em all!
    • You need to kill all the zombies to continue, not to mention ensure your own safety. Several Water Jerrycans can be found here, and if you kept a hold of that car battery, you can throw the battery at the jerry cans, exploding them and covering an area with electrified water for some easy zombie kills, especially when combined with the meat bait. The Foyer is quite crowded with tables, etc, so if you're having trouble, lead the zombies out of the front doors into the open area, where more space is afforded to you.
  • Where's that voice coming from?
    • Once all the zombies are dead, head further into the Foyer to hear a voice coming from behind the metal doored entrance to the Ballroom. Interact with the doors to discover that they're locked, ending the quest.


  • The four loot containers near the workbench contain predetermined parts. They may be farmed by reloading the game before opening the last container.
  • The Invigorating skill card can be found in Emma's bedroom, on a short table at the end of the bed.
  • The collectible journal Death Spiral can be found on the reception desk of the Foyer.
  • Safe-Deposit Key #09 can be found on the screening table, also in the Foyer.
  • At the military barricade next to the entrance to the Halperin Hotel itself, you can find green 'uncommon' rarity Claws which always come equipped with the Slaughter Perk.
  • To the right of the back gate entrance to Emma's Mansion, a Zomproof Slayer Hoard can be looted using a Fuse to get a good weapon.
  • The unique zombies GOAT Pen Dan, GOAT Pen Troy and GOAT Pen Marissa will not respawn after the keycard is required. This mission is your only chance to kill these named enemies.
  • This portion of the storyline introduces the following features:
    • parts needed for fabrication.
    • containers containing parts.
    • the workbench and its features, allowing for the modification of weapons.
    • three characters, Carlos (a trader), Dr. Reed (voice only) and Major Booker (voice only).
    • five named zombies, GOAT Pen Tony, GOAT Pen Dan, GOAT Pen Troy, GOAT Pen Marissa, and GOAT Pen Jamie.
    • two curveballs, the meat bait and the shuriken.
    • co-op and cosplay modes.
    • doors requiring fuses.
    • car alarms requiring the battery to be removed in order to be deactivated.
    • one side quest, Death of the Party.
    • one district, the Halperin Hotel.
    • fuel jerrycans.
    • one common zombie variant, the Riot Gear Walker.