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Café Kiev is a Ukrainian-themed restaurant located in the northwest corner of Moresby. It is owned by Nikolai, and is the destination in the side quest A Voice from Above the Sky. During this quest, the Hero must speak to one of Nikolai's comrades, Sergei, and retrieve a satellite phone.

Upon arriving at the location, the heroes will be confronted by several infected outside the restaurant. After killing them and entering the establishment, the heroes find Sergei Kletska sitting alone and moaning in the restaurant's back office.


Café Kiev is located in a cul-de-sac area now, since the road is blocked by some large concrete barricades, just opposite the police station. There are several houses in the area, but none of them are enterable. Some will have a Walker waiting around, however. The entrance to the area is through a broken barricade with burning vehicles and a bunch of Walkers. The café had an outdoor seating area, but it's now been ruined and around 5 Walkers will wait outside the café. The door is unlocked, thankfully, but the indoor seating area is limited. The inside is relatively untouched and there are no zombies inside. The back office room has Sergei sitting there but very little of value other than a table and some chairs.


  • This area has a lot of zombies for the space, with around 7 outside the front of the café and another load, roughly 7, on the road outside. It makes it very dangerous to traverse on foot if not prepared.
  • Sergei will be missing if you travel there after talking to him, like most other survivors who are not located in safe zones.
  • In Dead Island: Riptide, signs for Café Kiev can be found all throughout Henderson, but no restaurants are accessible.
    • Although it is possible Cafè Kiev could be a franchise on the island, it is more likely the original art assets were reused from Dead Island.