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Butcho the Clown is a unique named Butcher featured in Dead Island 2. He is the first Butcher the Slayers meet and is encountered several times on the boardwalk of The Pier during the main quest Boardwalking Dead before being fought at the end of the pier, when the Slayer collects the laptop.

Prior to the outbreak, Butcho was the lead clown for the pier, with his face on posters for promotional material. However, Butcho got into some trouble before the outbreak, as during one of his shows, a child ran into his act and was critically injured, leading to Butcho being sent down, despite his protests. Butcho was then infected and the CDC and taken for studying, headed by Dr. Dorian. However, Butcho managed to escape when the CDC HQ fell, returning to patrol the pier.


Butchers are the ultimate form of Runners, being faster and stronger with better attacks. Butcho is even more so, with far greater speed and power than a regular Butcher. In addition, Butcho appears to be smarter, capable of stalking the Slayers and using ambushing tactics to surprise them.


Butcho is a large, muscular zombie with a clown mask on his upper head, complete with long purple fake hair and a red nose. His lower face and jaw is covered in blood, revealing his sharpened teeth. His upper torso is likewise covered in blood whilst all the muscles and skin from his lower arm onwards has been ripped away, either by zombies eating his corpse or from the infection, leaving just sharpened bones. He is wearing tattered and dirty green and yellow overalls, though he has lost his shoes, leaving him barefoot.


Butcho appears smarter than most zombies, being able to stalk his prey and sneak up on them via various means. He is fast and usually scuttles around on all fours, giving him a lower profile, whilst his voice box is intact enough to allow him to cackle and chuckle, either involuntarily or as a fear tactic for his prey. When he attacks, he uses his arms as swords or knives, attempting to slash or stab his prey.


  • Butcho will have some Walkers and Shamblers that constantly spawn in the arena, and they're more of an annoyance than a threat. Using the Meat Bait Curveball to distract them will allow you to focus more on him.
  • Using an Electrocutor Mod will temporarily freeze him in shock if you manage to critical him, allowing you to get some free hits.
  • Butcho will sometimes retreat onto all 4s and scuttle away to feed on a body to regain health. Follow him and damage him to interrupt this and stop his healing. Using a firearm or curveball will quickly stop him without you needing to close the distance.
  • The fencing around the edge of the pier is broken, and Butcho will leap towards you if you are too far away. By standing at the edge of the pier in one of these breaks and then dodging his leap, he will instead fall off the pier into the water, which kills him instantly and ends the fight very quickly.


  • The third Slayer skill slot is unlocked upon defeating Butcho.
  • The Skilled perk is awarded after defeating Butcho.
  • Butcho has 200% more HP and deals 11% more damage than a regular Butcher. The pinned down stab attack does not benefit from increased damage.
  • It’s possible that Butcho might be the escaped Butcher from the CDC Facility on the beach, it isn’t confirmed however as later on multiple Butchers appear there.
  • If the last line in the journal “Send Home the Clowns” is to be believed Butcho might not be the same person in the note and might be the original’s replacement.


  • Butcho will regularly make an evil laugh while walking through The Pier as well as during the boss fight.
  • Jacob possibly has had bad experiences with clowns, or has a poor view of them, due to him referring to Butcho as a "nonce" which is British slang for a pedophile.