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For its variant in the main titles, see Butcher.

Be careful or you'll get sliced up. It's freaking tough to kill.
Cliff Calo's thoughts on first seeing a Butcher

The Butcher is a type of special infected featured in Escape Dead Island. It is first encountered near the end of Mission 6 - Stories of the Dead, at the Helipad where Cliff Calo has to kill one to obtain the final security keycard. Afterwards, they appear in select places across Narapela Island.


The Butcher can be seen as a better version of the Bouncer, featuring the same leap attack but with more health, damage, a new spin attack and the ability to block. It is impossible to escape from a Butcher once it has spotted a survivor, as it will leap at them to get closer before running after them, attacking them with high damage swipes from its sharp, protruding bones. They are extremely dangerous zombies who are made only more deadly with the presence of other zombies.


The Butcher is quite buff and often shirtless, coming into two different forms. One Butcher is wearing the remains of a tattered vest and shorts, whilst the other is shirtless with jeans on. In both cases, their mouth is covered with blood, exposing sharp teeth, and their forearms are likewise bloody and ripped to the extent that they have no hands, only the sharpened protrusions of their forearm bones, which end in sharp points.


When idle, the Butcher will often wander around, pacing in an area whilst looking for survivors. They are usually huffing and sniffing whilst doing so. Upon spotting a survivor, the Butcher will roar and leap towards their target to rapidly close the distance. If they fail to get close enough after this, they will pace after the survivor at a similar pace to running, before attacking multiple times with their sharp bone arms. If the survivor fights back, the Butcher will cross their arms in front of them, blocking all damage, before spinning around several times with their arms outstretched to the horizontal, hitting anything around them. This pattern continues until either the Butcher is dead or the survivor is.

Other Butchers[]

Shadow Butchers are Shadow Zombies made in Cliff Calo's mind. They act just like a regular Butcher. They have 35.2% more health than their normal version.

Damage and Health[]

Note that keycard carrying Butchers have higher damage and health.

  • Butchers have 85 HP.
  • They regenerate health at the rate of 1.65 HP per second.
    • Their hit deals 4 damage.
    • Their leap deals 6 damage.
    • Whilst the spin deals no damage itself, the first attack following it deals 4 damage and getting hit by the spin itself adds an additional 4 damage on the next hit.
  • Shadow Butchers have 115 HP.
  • They regenerate health at the rate of 2.23 HP per second.
    • Their hit deals 6 damage.
    • Their leap deals 8 damage.
    • Whilst the spin deals no damage itself, the first attack following it deals 8 damage and getting hit by the spin itself adds an additional 8 damage on the next hit.


  • You can get in one heavy attack and one combo of 3 basic attacks before the Butcher blocks again.
  • While a Butcher is recovering from a missed jump attack, they can be knocked down with a single push, opening them up for an execute.
    • Note that they are not knocked down by a running kick.
  • Using a firearm on them is ill-advised as they are usually too quick to shoot at before they get close enough to attack you, and they will usually kill you before you can put away the gun and run away.
    • When they block, this also stops bullets, so shooting at them whilst they are blocking does nothing but waste ammo.
  • When a Butcher blocks, they will remain stationary for a few seconds before doing their spin attack. This time can be used to run away from the Butcher to regenerate health, or get into a more open area suitable for dodging its leap attack.
  • By dodging out of the way, the Butcher will miss its leap attack and need to recover for a few seconds, allowing you to get in several hits before it blocks.
  • Butchers can often be lured to jump out of the map by standing near the edge and dodging their jump attack. This can make the last series of fights in the Shadow world much easier.
  • It is possible to Stealth Kill a Butcher if able to sneak up on it without it detecting you.