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Bury the Dead is a hard difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Mother Helen in Dead Island.


The Hero is asked by Mother Helen to clear the Church cemetery of the undead.


  • Talk to Mother Helen to start the quest.
  • The survivors in the Church want to bury the dead, but zombies are swarming over the graveyard, making it dangerous for anyone to go out there. She wants you to kill them all so they can go about burying the dead.
  • Head out of the Church and go to the right to enter the graveyard.
  • There's two ways of going about this. You can either go from the high ground or take the short steps to the low ground. Either way, there'll be a lot of zombies about.
  • There's around 4 to 6 Infected which will run at you as soon as you enter the graveyard, or shortly afterwards depending on when they detect you. Clear them out first to stop them surprising you when you go to take out one of the many groups of zombies around the graveyard.
  • There's around 3 Thugs also in the graveyard. One is near the Church, down a short flight of stairs to a fountain. Another is at the far end of the graveyard near the back wall. The final one is also at the back of the graveyard, but near to the road running parallel next to the graveyard.
  • The Thugs will not be alone, as there will be at least 2 Walkers with them at minimum. There are also several groups of Walkers scattered around the graveyard that will come for you if you attract their attention.
  • Once the last zombie is dead, return to Mother Helen and talk to her to finish the quest.


  • A good way to handle this is to attract the Infected to the gates and close them. They can then be attacked through the gate. This will also work with Walkers.
  • The zombies will appear on your minimap as white skulls when you get close to them, so you can keep track of them at short range. However, they will disappear if you move out of minimap range.
  • This is one of the last quests you'll receive in Moresby along with Six Feet Under.
  • This is a very useful quest to complete if you're playing as Sam B, as the legendary weapon is a powerful one if wielded by Sam B.