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For the similar enemy found in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, see Suicider.

The Burster is an Apex zombie featured in Dead Island 2. They are first encountered in the Brentwood Sewer during the main quest Flushed. Afterwards, they can be found in Burster hot-spots as well as other areas across Los Angeles. Alternatively, they can first be met in Haus, in The Deeper during the quest Dinner Date.


Bursters are zombies covered with gas sacs that are highly volatile and explode when disturbed. While Bursters can be found out in the open, they are also commonly found in tight areas, awaiting to ambush players. When alerted, they will run toward players and explode once they are close enough. This explosion will knock the player down and can inflict massive damage. The explosion can also damage other zombies, killing most regular zombies instantly. As such, they can be used as situational weapons to dispatch crowds of zombies. Players can kick them back to gain some distance between themselves and the Burster as well as knock them into other zombies. The Drop Kick skill can be used to push Bursters further back and can be combined with the Warhead skill to increase the range even further. However, this may push a Burster too far, so much so that they won't damage nearby enemies when they explode.

Bursters are weak against shock and projectile damage. They will immediately explode when shock damage is inflicted or when hit with a projectile like a Curveball or a bullet from a firearm. Furthermore, if their stability is drained, they will fall over and explode. This can be done by knocking another zombie into them.


Bursters are disfigured by sacs filled with volatile gas and infected black ichor that are used to infect humans. The mutation process has destroyed most of their clothing as a result. While they aren't as heavily disfigured as Suiciders, retaining some of their hair and facial features, Bursters are still capable of creating a large explosion.

Two variants of the Burster can be encountered:

  • The first variant is dressed in nothing but a damaged pair of grey shorts with black stripes. It has numerous sores, darkened veins and smaller boils across its body and tattered hair.
  • The second variant is a zombified California Highway Patrol (CHP) motorcycle police officer, wearing a CHP officer's uniform, a black fingerless glove on the left hand, a CHP motorcycle helmet, and a pair of sunglasses.

Notable Bursters[]




Name Criteria Description
First Blood Kill 1 Burster Bursters are bloated with volatile gas and infectious black ichor that spreads the zombie plague (good thing you're immune!) -- so expect a big explosion if they get close to you.
Under The Skin Kill 10 Burster Bursters are weak to SHOCK & PROJECTILE damage. Drain their STABILITY to cause them to fall over and explode.
Sliced To The Bone Burster explosions will damage nearby zombies as well as humans, so use them to your advantage!
Deep In The Guts Be careful! A Burster's explosion can be tainted by damage effects! Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you...

Zombie Challenge[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Burst At The Seams
Burst At The Seams 1 Kill 10 Bursters
Burst At The Seams 2 Kill 30 Bursters
Burst At The Seams 3 Kill 60 Bursters


  • Bursters replace the Suicider from previous games and function in the same manner.
  • Much like Suiciders, Bursters retain the ability to speak to a limited extent, as well as a small degree of intelligence. Bursters can be heard calling out for help, probably done intentionally to lure unsuspecting individuals to them. Additionally, when chasing after the Slayers, they may yell out words such as "Sorry!" and when they are preparing to detonate, may yell "Bye bye!" or cry for help.
  • During the initial cutscene, the first words you ever hear a Burster say is "Help me". These are the same words that Suiciders can be heard saying sometimes.