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Sinfully good burgers at the end of the road
— Burger 66 slogan

Burger ’66, or Burger 66, is a nationwide restaurant chain featured in Dead Island 2 throughout Los Angeles. The restaurant appears to be of typical American cuisine, focusing on burgers, chicken sandwiches, and sides.


Venice Beach[]

DI2-location-burger66 venice-exterior

The Venice Beach Burger 66 restaurant features a modern style and sleek red, white and black color scheme with natural wooden accents. Its floors are wooden tiles in a square basket pattern, with large black and white checkerboard runners. The countertop is black, while the customer tabletops are wood blocks.

Ocean Avenue[]

DI2-location-burger66-venture plaza-ocean avenue

Located at Venture Plaza in Ocean Avenue, the shuttered location appears to feature newer branding, focusing on red and black doors and with red trim and shutters bearing the "route 66" style logo. This location also has an ivory-covered pergola for outdoor dining in the plaza. Unlike the other locations, the Venture Plaza location is the ground floor of a mixed-use building, with apartments or condos above.

Santa Monica Pier[]

DI2-location-burger66-santa monica pier

Although the Santa Monica Pier location cannot be entered, the smaller location on the north side of the pier has older style branding, focusing on a red and white theme. Outside the primary entrance is a red and white stripped awning on white-washed walls with red trim.


Burger 66 was one of the food vendors present at the SoLA Festival and had a food truck set up at the Indie Zone, in the area with the other food stalls. There is a locked box at the truck which is opened with the Food Truck Keys.

Other Locations[]

From the outside, Burger 66 is a typical American diner restaurant with a red and white colour scheme and large glass windows and double doors. The windows have various logos on them, including the main logo of the diner, being a US highway sign with 66 on it. Inside, the diner follows the same colour layout, as well as having many long white tables and red cushioned benches for diners to sit at for their meal. There is a long countertop which has doors behind it leading to the kitchen.


  • The "66" in the restaurant chains' title is likely a play on words:
    • The year 1966 - as evidenced by some of the logos featuring a '66, though the promo art and uniforms are closer to a 1950's roadside diner.
    • Route 66 - as evidenced by some of the logos featuring the 66 on a route sign, a famous US route synonymous with travel and a common theme for roadside diners.
    • 666 or "The number of the devil" - Newer branding and advertising includes devil motifs such as devil horns and tails and the use of "sinful" in the slogan. Such motifs were not visible on the older branding.
  • The Venice Beach location's phone number is 555-3323 and offers delivery.
  • The style of the promotional art is close to the Long Piglet's diner featured in the Haus (DLC).
  • Zombified Burger 66 staff can often be encountered in the forms of Runners wearing red and black uniforms with aprons bearing the chain's logo, likely infected kitchen staff, as well as Slobbers dressed in servers' uniforms. Notable ones include the Burger '66 Server and the Burger '66 Driver.
  • Amanda Styles was banned from entering any Burger 66 location across the United States and had a restraining order filed against her in light of several prank videos she made using Burger 66 property and products. The company sent out a memo to all employees instructing them to call the police if she set foot in any of their restaurants and report any copies of her videos found online to a supervisor. They also threatened any employees sympathizing with Styles with suspension without pay pending further investigation.