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Bunker 06 is a bunker featured in Dead Island. The bunker consists of a fore room with direct access to a second bunker on the north side of the island and a steam valve, a turret with a metal chest, and a back room with debris and some luggage.

Outside the main bunker, there is a short tunnel blocked by steam vents. Proceed with caution, as these vents will damage the player even when crouching beneath them. There is a valve in the main bunker room that can be activated to turn off the steam. A metal chest is located at the end of the tunnel.

The Weighted Mod can be found on a desk in the main bunker.


  • The bunker is located on the southernmost eastern edge of the map by the coast. It is easily located by going south along the coastline from the seaside shack where the players had to save Sinamoi from zombies outside in the first mission.
  • The survivor Jose Garcia is located in Bunker 06, but can only be found here after hearing his distress calls on the various CB Radios found in bungalows. After saving Jose Garcia from a small group of zombies (including two thugs), he will give the player access to the bunker and keys to his truck parked in front of the bunker.
  • Although "06" is the only visible marking on any of the bunkers in this grouping, it is likely the other structures are additional bunkers (#07 and #08 respectively) constructed in close proximity to bunker #06.


Secondary Bunker[]

Once inside bunker #06, the Hero will have access to an additional bunker from the manhole located in the fore room which will send the player to a bunker a little further inland from the north short. Although the Hero cannot exit the bunker's front door, "02" is painted on the outside of the bunker as seen from the location of the side-quest Crash. It is more likely Nikolai's bunker is actually "Bunker #05" based on the numbering scheme of the other resort area bunkers. Inside this bunker is the altar for the Blue Skull and a metal chest.