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Bunker #02 is a Safe House in Dead Island.

Bunker #02 becomes a safe house after the main quest Black Hawk Down. The leader and only survivor of this safe house is Nikolai, but he soon disappears, leaving it once again abandoned. This bunker, like most in the Resort, is twinned with another, in this case it's Bunker 04


Like most of the Resort bunkers, it has a standard layout. The main structure is built from reinforced concrete, which is concrete with metal rebar inside to strengthen it. The entrance is a covered tunnel, with two reinforcing slopes either side for extra structural support. There's a small metal door leading into the bunker, while the bunker turret and main body can be easily seen from the outside. The bunker itself is partly dilapidated from over 70 years of decay. Some of the concrete has been broken off, exposing the rebar inside it, while various trees and plant life have surrounded and grown over the bunker.

Inside it has the same standard layout as the other bunkers in the Resort. The main area is a large rectangular floor, with one doorway leading to a back room. This back room has a firing slit for a machine gun to fire out the entrance, as well as a workbench and manhole cover. There's a fast travel map on the wall for easy access to and from the bunker. Back in the main room, if you climb the ladder up to the parapet of the turret, you will have views out of the firing ports of the bunker. There's also some good loot up here.


  • In the room where the player talks to Nikolai, there is a manhole cover leading to Bunker 04. After entering the tunnel, the player will appear in the back room containing a dead Suicider and occasionally, a live one.
  • The bunker is inaccessible before Black Hawk Down is completed, as Nikolai is the one to open the door.
  • Although there are no markings on this bunker, it is officially referred to Bunker #02, another bunker located a little further inland from the north shore is labelled with 02. It is more likely this bunker is actually Bunker #05 based on the numbering scheme of the other resort area bunkers.
  • A short distance away you can find another unknown bunker that is not labelled and not accessible.
  • There are two metal chests located in the parapet, accessible via climbing the ladder. One of these is a level 3 chest, so make sure to check it for a good weapon when you can.