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Bungalow 4 is a location featured in Dead Island, found in the Silver Bungalows district in front of the Hotel. The bungalow has the front doors wide open, with Walkers shambling around in front of it as loud music plays inside.


Like other Resort bungalows, Bungalow 4 looks very much the same on the outside as all the others. It is of wooden construction, with a double door entrance, two side doors on either side as alternate entrances/exits and a pointed, thatched roof. However, the front doors of this bungalow are wide open, with one of them being broken down. Both side doors are also blocked from the inside.

Inside the bungalow, the front living room looks the same as normal, with a wide sofa and some cabinets populating the floor. However, loud music can be heard playing from the bedroom and low, red mood lighting can be seen through the doorway, as well as over the top of the interior wall. Heading into the bedroom, a zombified woman can be found tied up on the bed and what is presumably the director is slumped against the wall, who will attack the players when they get close. It can safely be assumed that an adult movie was being shot here when the outbreak occurred. Moving through to the side corridor, the door is blocked by a chest and the corpse of a woman is sitting in the bathtub. Luckily, the woman is actually dead, unlike the director.


  • ID Card 01 can be found in an open suitcase at the bungalow entrance.
  • A metal chest can be found against an outside wall of the bungalow.
  • The player can stand on Nenja, but she won’t attack, even if they stand on her head.


  • Nenja Samejon is an anagram of Jenna Jameson, the porn star.
  • A bug is often triggered by fighting infected inside the bungalow. This bug causes Nenja to be standing on top of the bed, free of her handcuffs. However, she will not be hostile.
  • For some reason, killing Nenja counts as a human kill. This can be exploited to earn the achievement Humanitarian.