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Bungalow 20 is a location featured in Dead Island. It is located in the Golden Bungalows District. On various radios scattered around the Resort, a man named Danny can be heard talking in pain. He gives out the bungalow number where he is located and talks about getting insulin from his brother. Upon reaching bungalow 20, Danny's brother Luke is found in the bedroom, where he gives out the side quest Too Much Sugar to take some insulin to Danny. Upon returning to the bungalow to check on Luke, he will be gone and all doors broken open.


The bungalow is of the same build as the other bungalows in the Resort, made of wood with a thatched roof, double doors as a main entrance and a single side door on two sides as alternate entrances, as well as some windows. This bungalow shares a pool with another bungalow across the way, but the bungalow itself doesn't have a dedicated pool or patio area for it. The double main doors have been broken down and zombies are found both inside and outside the bungalow. Blood can be seen smeared over the floor outside and various pieces of furniture are scattered around.

Inside, the bungalow is a mess, more so than some of the other bungalows accessible in the area. The bungalow is of a different layout to other Resort bungalows, with a larger, more spacious living room, larger bedroom but same sized bathroom. The living room has been trashed and blood is found covering the floor. Two Walkers are bashing on the door to the bedroom, while furniture is strewn around, books on the floor and the TV balanced precariously on its stand. The bathroom is thankfully untouched, with its bath, sink and toilet. The same can't be said for the bedroom, however. The double door is locked, and later broken down, revealing the extent of the damage. The cabinet has been overturned onto the bed, killing a zombie, while the bed itself has been pushed away from the wall. A desk has been pushed over one of the bedroom doors to stop it opening but the other was left unbarricaded. Luke can be found leaning against the cabinet next to the bed, holding a wound in pain, with blood covering the bed and floor. There's a door on the opposite wall which is locked, but later also broken down.


  • A metal chest can be accessed through to door at the back of the bedroom. This is only accessible once Too Much Sugar has been completed, however.
  • When you return to the bungalow after completing Too Much Sugar, the door to the bedroom will be broken down, the zombies will be gone from inside and Luke will be missing. This means that either the zombies broke down the door and killed Luke, or Luke has turned and was freed when the zombies broke down the door.
  • Luke doesn't have a radio with him, so it's unknown how he manages to broadcast something over the other radios in the Resort.
  • Some bottles of water can be found here for Kim's continuous quest Nectar of Life.