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Bungalow 10 is a location featured in Dead Island. It is located in the Silver Bungalows district, in front of the Hotel. This bungalow is a home of Steve Summers who, upon first arrival, is barricading the front doors from the zombies attempting to break in. After clearing away the Walkers, Steve opens the doors to the Hero allowing access to his bungalow.


Like all bungalows, this one follows the same general look of the rest of the bungalows in the Resort area. It is made of wood with a set of double doors to enter, a pointed roof made of thatch and two side doors as alternate entrances/exits to the bungalow. However, this bungalow has had the front doors bashed in and some other modifications. The front doors were broken down by zombies, so Steve has propped them up with a stack of crates as a barricade. More barricades have been made around the sides, somewhat preventing the zombies getting around. The windows are boarded over and one of the back doors have been boarded over as well.

Inside it is also changed. It has the same standard room layout as other bungalows, with a main living room area at the front, a side doorway leading to a bedroom and side door, a small corridor to the other side door and the bathroom off to the left. However, the bungalow has been made into a desperate fortress to try and keep the zombies out. The side door next to the bathroom has been boarded over and some boxes placed in front of it to lock it down, while the bathroom is just completely locked tight. All the windows are locked and boarded while supplies are scattered all over the place. The main double doors are propped up with some crates and furniture as a desperate attempt to keep the zombies out of the bungalow.


  • There's a lot of good loot in the bungalow, making it worth the trek over.
  • You can find ID Card 23 here, on the table next to the side door you use to get in.
  • Oddly, you can open the other side door that's nailed closed. You enter through the door to the bedroom, but for some reason the devs never locked closed the other side door, so you can open it despite boards covering it. The door opens inwards as well, so it passes through the boards as it opens.
  • If you constantly jump and crouch at the broken double doors entrance, it is possible to squeeze yourself in without having to use to the side door, though it can be tricky and isn't worth the effort.
  • If you return here after helping Steve, he will be missing and the place is abandoned.


  • This bungalow has one of the radios that transmit Danny Craig's message to his brother, Luke, asking him to bring him some insulin. Even if the quest has already been completed, the message will play every time the bungalow is visited.