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Bundy is a named Slobber featured in Dead Island 2. He is encountered during the main quest Boardwalking Dead.


Bundy was an ally of Dr. Reuben and the CDC. When the Santa Monica Pier was overrun, Bundy radioed in that it was secure only to be told that he would then have to go back and grab the blood drive for Reuben. Likely due to him having a panic attack, when he reached to pier he was overrun and turned into a Slobber. He is later encountered by the Slayers, who put him down and enter the pier.



  • When killed he drops the CDC Master Keycard.
  • Bundy has 130% more HP and deals 13% more damage than a regular Slobber.


  • Bundy is voiced by Sean Power.
  • Bundy might be named after serial killer Ted Bundy
    • Ted Bundy was also referenced in the original Dead Island with character Ted B.
  • Ted uses the sound of whale calls to calm himself down. This is why there are whale calls playing when the Slayers get there for the first time.