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Bud is a survivor featured in Dead Island 2. He was one of the survivors of the Blue Crab Grill and first met by the Slayers at the end of the main quest The Red Mist.


Following the outbreak in Los Angeles, Bud and three other men, bodybuilder Alex Nguyen, fellow pothead Trent, and restaurant worker Kai, took refuge in the Blue Crab Grill in Venice Beach. Bud was disliked by everyone. A pessimist and a slacker, he refused to help the others and typically laid back to bad mouth everyone to his heart's content. It didn't take to long for the restaurant to be attacked by zombies but the slayers came by and saved them. Unfortunately for Bud, the first meeting became a bliss when a passing Crusher grabbed him through the window and crushed his skull, leaving Bud down in a bloody mess. Afterwards, Bud's body was dumped in the restaurant's basement. Bud was disliked so much that a drawing of his head as well as several inappropriate images were scribbled on the wall behind his body.


Bud was an older man with a black mullet and a full beard. He wore a grey jean vest, a red t-shirt, faded grey jeans, and black sneakers. He also wore two gold chain necklaces, a blue bandana, several chains and a digital watch on his right wrist, and several rings on his right hand.


  • The graffiti beside Bud's body says "HERE SITS BUD. you wont be missed ASSHOLE".
  • The Blue Crab Storage Keycard can be found beside Bud's body in the basement.


  • It's possible that Bud stole the Blue Crab Storage Keycard as it is only found next to his body only after he died with Kai not knowing where the key went.
  • Bud's appearance might be inspired by Max from Dead Island: Retro Revenge.
  • After Bud's death, despite all the other windows having weak barricades, no zombies ever attack the area again.
  • Bud was a rude customer at the Blue Crab Grill and Kai was glad he died.
  • It is unknown why the crusher that kills Bud, only just takes half of his head and never tries to get in. This crusher isn't seen again.
  • Bud tells the slayers that they are screwed, but he quickly gets killed and the slayers make it in the end.
  • Bud didn't seem to get along with Alex at times.
  • He was a pothead like Trent.