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I'm feeling lucky, friend, so trust me, my plan's gonna work.
— Bruno

Bruno is one of the six slayers in Dead Island 2. Prior to the outbreak, he was a hustler on the streets of Los Angeles, California before becoming trapped in the quarantine area during the outbreak.


Bruno is a calculating hustler who always has a plan, both for pulling off heists on big-time scammers and spammers before the zompocalypse and for taking down the undead now. Born and raised on the streets of LA, he’s always hidden his lethal knife skills behind his disarming Californian charm. Those skills ensure that his targets won’t talk about Bruno – no, no.
— His description from the Dead Island website


Bruno is a young man with blond and red dyed hair and a clean shaven face. He wears a purple camo zip up hoodie, a pale pink t-shirt with the word 'infernal' on the chest against a black and red rectangle, blue plaid shorts, knee high white socks, and black, white, and blue sneakers, as well as a black beanie, gold-rimmed glasses, two black holsters across his chest and waist, a bandage on his lower left arm, a gold watch on his left wrist, and a black ring on his left pointer finger. He has tattoos on his arms and legs.

Currently there are three available skins for Bruno:

  • Infernal Urban Camo (Default Outfit)
  • Downtown Dandy (Hell-A Catwalk Collection)
  • Maulibu Camo (Til' Dawn Collection)
  • Blessed Infernal (From Dusk Collection)


Bruno has two innate skills:

Other unique skills to Bruno are:

  • Bob and Weave - Come get some! DODGE attacks in quick succession for a moderate boost to ATTACK SPEED and AGILITY that can stack multiple times.
  • Second Wind - Break its bones, not your stride! Attack a zombie while sprinting for a moderate boost to DAMAGE.
  • Air Assault - Rain down Hell! FLYING KICK a zombie for a major boost to CRITICAL DAMAGE.


  • Bruno was the sixth and final slayer to receive a 'meet the slayer' video, after Jacob, Amy, Ryan, Dani and Carla.
  • A part of his description: "his targets won’t talk about Bruno – no, no" is a reference to the song We Don't Talk About Bruno from the 2021 Disney film Encanto.
    • The film Encanto is about a family who have magical powers. Bruno is immune to the virus and it also seems to give him special abilities.
  • His outfit and design seems to be inspired by the Hypebeast and Soundcloud Rapper subgenres.
    • Bruno, however, admits that the sneakers are a knock-off brand.
  • Bruno himself bears a physical resemblance to the rapper Lil Pump.
  • He had friends he was planning to meet in Las Vegas.
  • Out of all the slayers, Bruno is most sorry about Michael Anders.
  • Despite being a petty criminal before the zombie apocalypse, Bruno seems to be nice and caring towards others.
  • Bruno mentions to Emma Jaunt that he knows people he can contact to help them, the player never gets any quest to reach these people.
  • He is the second character named Bruno in the Dead Island series.
  • Bruno never says his quote from the character selection menu in the actual game.
  • It's said that Bruno is deadly with knives and it is implied that he has hurt people. However, he never brings up having knives or even uses those so called knife skills to people who are a threat to him.
  • It is unknown what Bruno would have done to get passed the guard inspection line if the earthquake didn't distract another person so he could copy their pass to his phone.
  • Bruno calls everyone he meets "Friend." which is similar to how Amanda Styles calls everyone "Bestie".
  • Bruno's grandmother is always pestering him about his life, telling him to do things like get a girlfriend or fix his hair, and so he ignores all her calls to avoid this. The month prior to the outbreak, a scammer in Vegas scammed her with a phishing scam, and Bruno ignored her calls for help as he refused to answer the phone to her.
    • He, however, swears that he will get back every cent she lost in the scam.
  • In the mission "Missing: Greg", Bruno Seems to like baseball cards.
  • During the story mission at the Pier, inside the arcade, Bruno mentions that his parents played karaoke.
  • Bruno has 1334 tattooed on his right hand's fingers. This is an Angel Number, and this particular number centers around encouragement, enthusiasm and taking action.
  • Although not outright religious, he seems to believe in some higher powers, such as Lady Luck and Mother Nature.