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The Breri Outpost is a location featured in Dead Island: Riptide in the top part of the Flooded jungle. It is a collection is huts and other structures accessible via the flooded waterways of the jungle. It was either a small collection of houses or, more likely, a small area that travellers could rest at when travelling through the jungle.


The outpost is a collection of structures and notable features, including the Yagari Waterfall, Kingston's Shack as well as the dead zone Peter Spicer's Shack. You can also find the den of the drug dealer in the area which is the main area for the side quest White Line as well as the collapsed footbridge Hanging Joe. It is a loose collection of these areas in a wide river waterway, only accessible by boat. There's always some assorted groups of Walkers around and, after rescuing the NPC, a Thug will also spawn. There's also Drowners floating in the water, so pay attention if coming via boat.

Kingston's Shack is just a small hut made from a collection of wood and scrap metal on stilts above the water. There's a ladder to reach the upper floor of the shack which has some basic equipment you can use. The Yagari Waterfall is just a large and beautiful waterfall which flows into the waterway. Nothing can be found by it, but it is a source of natural beauty. The dead zone is a separate building which warps you to the interior of the dead zone. Here you can find the dead zone boss Peter "The Undying" Spicer. Next to the dead zone is a small shack which, while useless by itself, has a ladder on it to get onto the roof of a different structure. There's some mod items here as well as some other assorted loot.


  • You can find a workbench on Kingston's Shack.
  • There's a bunch of metal chests in the area to loot.
    • There's one on the upper level of Kingston's Shack, accessible via a ladder.
    • Two can be found in the drug dealer's den, one in the hut and one in the hidden drug lab below.
    • One can be found on top of a different shack just next to the dead zone. Again this can be accessed by a ladder.
  • You can find the civilian rescue quest Rescue Tyler at Kingston's Shack.
  • Also there is Angela Guerra Recording Part 4, right next to the metal chest.
  • On the shack next to Peter Spicer's Shack, you can find Postcard 4 on a mattress.
  • If you get onto the roof of the shack next to Peter Spicer's Shack and look over the surrounding wall to it, you will see it is empty, despite the dead zone being full of enemies when you enter it. This is because you get warped to a different location where the dead zone interior is stored, which spawns all the zombies inside it.
    • This is also true of any other dead zone you look in from an elevated position.