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Brentwood Water Reclamation Project is a location featured in Dead Island 2. It is a large water treatment plant in Beverly Hills which dealt with purifying and reusing water being used by the mansions in the area. The Slayers come here at the beginning of the main quest Serengeti Siren after leaving Monarch Studios. They explore the plant as they try to find the keys to operate the front gate and return to Beverly Hills.


  • Phil, a named Crusher, can be found here.
  • The collectible journal Phil's Note is found attached to the entrance chain link fence of the project.
  • Another collectible journal In the Pipes is found attached to one of the blue control panels in the Ops room underground.
  • An uncommon rarity sledgehammer is found in the gate control room.
  • The Empowering Perk is also found in the control room.
  • A Disaster Relief Crate is found under one of the sewer grates shortly after entering the plant.