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Body Art: The Visionary is a side quest given to the Slayers by Francesca Bloom in Dead Island 2.


Help Francesca begin her painting vision by delivering her some "art supplies".


  • After completing the main quest The Giant-Slayer, Francesca will appear in the red painted house near to Michael's House in Beverly Hills, and can be spoken to.
  • She is a painter who has a great vision for a showstopper piece of artwork, however she is missing some essential art supplies. She places a bucket at the back of the open garage and asks you to bring her supplies to start off her art project. She asks you not to question her, just bring her what she asks, and deposit them in the bucket.
  • She first asks for some Infected Flesh, 10 to be exact, and place them in the bucket, so she can begin painting.
  • Flesh can be gotten from most basic Zombies, including Runners, Walkers and Shamblers, and their derivatives. Maiming limbs using a sharp weapon is the best way to get Infected Flesh. If you have already collected 10 Infected Flesh on your way here, you can immediately deposit them in the bucket.
  • Simply collect 10 flesh, return to the bucket and place them there, then talk to Francesca again.
  • Talking to her, she thanks you for getting the "supplies", and explains that any further requests can be found on the pinboard on the wall next to the bucket, whilst she begins on her painting masterpiece. This ends the quest.


  • After completing this quest, Francesca becomes a Merchant.
  • If you have less than 10 Infected Flesh in your inventory at the time of taking the quest, you can't put what you have in the bucket and make up the rest later. You need to have at least 10 flesh in your inventory before you can put any in the bucket.
  • The next quest in the chain can immediately be taken off the pinboard after completing the quest.