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Body Art: Moist is a side quest given to the Slayers by Francesca Bloom in Dead Island 2.


Bring Francesca some more body parts to continue her painting.


  • At Francesca's House in Beverly Hills, a note can be found on the pinboard of the garage next to the bucket placed there. Take the note to begin the quest.
  • Francesca needs more body parts, and this time she needs Chthonic Ichor. 5 of these to be exact.
  • Chthonic Ichor can be collected from Slobbers and Putrefied Slobbers. There's no real strategy to reliably getting Chthonic Ichor, simply get out there and begin killing Slobbers at their hot spots to get the part.
  • Once 5 Chthonic Ichors have been collected, return to the house and deposit them in the bucket for Francesca. This ends the quest.


  • If you have less than 5 Chthonic Ichors in your inventory at the time of taking the quest, you can't put what you have in the bucket and make up the rest later. You need to have at least 5 Chthonic Ichors in your inventory before you can put any in the bucket.