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Bob was a named zombie featured in Dead Island. He used to be a mechanic in the vicinity of the Overpass camp prior to the outbreak. Sometime between then and the Hero's arrival, Bob has been infected and turned into a Thug. He is the primary focus of the side quest Visit to the Pub given by Dwight Turner in which the Hero must find Bob and get his keys so that Dwight can unlock the storeroom at the camp. Dwight last saw him at the pub next to the camp along with some Walkers, likely other patrons of the establishment who have turned and become trapped in the pub along with Bob when the stairs up to it were demolished. When the heroes find a way into the pub, Bob along with the other Walkers are killed and his keys taken to Dwight.


Bob has a randomized civilian Thug model.


Bob is much like any other Thug, being slow, powerful and durable. He's not much different to a regular Thug though upon death he drops no items other than the keys to the storeroom as a part of the quest. He has no status effects on him such as poison or fire and apart from his name he is no different to the common-or-garden Thugs found across Banoi Island.


  • Despite being a named Infected, Bob is no tougher than regular Thugs so any strategies for them will work just as well on Bob.
  • A good way to get some heavy damage on Bob and possibly kill him is to open the door, throw a Molotov Cocktail at him then close the door and retreat. Because he's inside a building, he can't escape by wandering away from the fire, it's a guaranteed hit and will also kill most of the Walkers with him.
  • Likewise, explosives such as the Grenade is a good way to kill Bob and the Walkers without directly engaging in combat.
  • Firearms and thrown weapons can kill Bob easily as he's slow and a big target.
  • Taking out the Walkers that are with him first is a good idea as then Bob can be focussed without interruption.