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Bloodbath Arena is the first DLC for Dead Island.[1] It was initially released as a voucher included in the Special Edition case edition of the game, and said voucher stated that it would "be available shortly". On the 7 October 2011, Techland announced a mid-November DLC launch window,[2] allowing the development team time to "make sure that every Dead Island fan will receive the best experience possible on every platform". The final release date of the DLC was November 23 2011.

This DLC had a value of $10.00 or 800 Microsoft Points.[3] People who pre-ordered Dead Island got this DLC for free as a pre-order bonus. This DLC adds 10 new Achievements and Trophies to the game, some special arena challenges as well as a few new locations and characters, and has a leaderboard feature. Experience and money gained during this mode will be transferred into the main story, as well as weapons and other items.


Dead-Island-Bloodbath-Arena-DLC-Opening-Scene-Trailer 2

Frankie Childe's welcoming the Heroes

Dead-Island-Bloodbath-Arena-DLC-Opening-Scene-Trailer 3

Major Dixon's speech

Bloodbath is a single- and multi-player experience that takes place in a hidden Banoi Island Defense Force bunker that serves as the Lobby and where the Red Hot Blade Mod and Banoi Herald Excerpt 25 can be found, and across four Arenas — A, B, C and D. The Heroes take a short tour when they first arrive to the bunker, and the players can learn the story of the remaining B.I.D.F. forces there by listening to the military personnel in the bunker. They can also stock up on weapons, ammo and supplies at Wes Tweddle's small shop, store the items they don't need at the moment in a trunk there and use a work bench to repair, upgrade or modify their weapons. A Fast Travel map can be found near the shop.

All Arenas differ in the locations and fight difficulty levels.

  • Arena A entrance is up the stairs in the B.I.D.F. bunker. The Arena is situated in a cave-like area high above the sea level and offer easy difficulty fights. This Arena allows the player to make the enemies fall down off the edge. The Tesla Bomb Knife Mod is found there, to the left of the entrance and all the way past the work bench and a little further.
  • Arena B entrance is up the stairs in the B.I.D.F. bunker. The Arena is situated in an old bunker and offers very hard difficulty fights. There are stairs and ladders suitable for moving between different levels of the bunker. This Arena allows the player to make the enemies fall down off the edge. The Stun Bomb Blueprint can found there, near an explosive barrel in a short corridor's turn at the back of the first artillery gun.
  • Arena C entrance is down the stairs in the B.I.D.F. bunker. The Arena is situated in a swamp and offers hard difficulty fights. There is an extensional electric fence in the area suitable to causing electric damage to enemies. The Poison Bomb Blueprint can be found there, on a shelf in the open cabin.
  • Arena D entrance is down the stairs in the B.I.D.F. bunker. The Arena is situated in a dark jungle area and offers moderate difficulty fights. There are two cabins the player can have some cover in, with their flat roofs connected to each other by a makeshift bridge, and two large campfires that can be used to cause fire damage to enemies. The Shock Bomb Blueprint can be found there, on the ground floor in the first cabin.

The bunker loading screen

Each Arena features a work bench and offers several different types of zombies. Some of the zombie subtypes (e.g. burning Infected) are more common to a certain Arena than to the other. The first waves consist of basic zombie types and usually don't bring any useful items to the players, except for some basic items. The next waves bring medium medkits and energy drinks often carried by random enemies, as well as large sums of cash (thousands of dollars) often carried by special zombies. Sometimes, a random zombie displayed by a red skull mark on the radar may carry a rare weapon, although that happens rarely. Zombies that wield wooden planks, metal pipes, knives and other basic weapons or have them in the inventory are met more often and will leave their weapons after death.


  • There is a storage box next to Wes and the workbench, which is always accessible when you enter the arena lobby. This is good for getting access to your stored items earlier, since you can travel to the arena lobby at any time after starting the game, so don't need to wait until you reach Jin before accessing your items. You can therefore store items for later without taking up inventory slots or retrieve higher level items that you were unable to use previously without needing to wait until the end of Act I to access Jin's storage.
  • Arena C is the only Arena where Rams will appear.
  • The burning Infected often cause damage to smoking zombies, Floaters and Suiciders they have to pass on their way to the players. In some cases, they can even destroy the zombies that are vulnerable to fire, and can be destroyed themselves by an exploding Suicider without a need for the players to take part in the process.
  • Suiciders carry large sums of money less often than any other special zombie. In most cases they only have a few hundred dollars, which is the same amount Walkers may carry.
  • Suiciders are awkward and often fall down from a staircase or some ridge and explode, causing damage to nearby zombies and assisting the players.
  • Although functioning exactly the same, highlighting the Fast Travel map will reveal the gears icon, instead of the usual Fast Travel icon.
  • The intro cutscene to the bunker only occurs once per character save, regardless of whether it's a new campaign playthrough. When first entering the bunker with a character, the cutscene will play, but even if the campaign is then finished and on the subsequent playthrough with the same character the player goes to the bunker, the cutscene will not play, unlike every other cutscene in the game with plays in every new playthrough.
  • For whatever reason, in the Definitive Edition, the fast travel map has been moved to the table where Major Dixon stands.


  • The sounds a zombie produces (like growl, etc.) can be heard even after the zombie is killed. Destroying the dead body that keeps producing the sounds by detonating a Suicider or a nearby explosive barrel / gas tank won't change anything. It will stop only after the game completely removes the dead body — or what's left of it — from the map.
  • Sometimes, a challenge won't appear on the screen and will be failed by the uninformed player's actions. (This rather often concerns the "Don't run" challenge.) Wait until the game shows the current challenge status on the screen and then returns to the next wave countdown before prompting the game to start the next wave may help to avoid this situation.
  • When you go to the upper area where the 2 other arenas are, there is a guy on your right. Talk to him, and eventually, when he says a certain thing, there is white noise heard for a second instead of the dialogue.
  • There is a glitch you can take advantage of in Arena A (Easy). When you enter this arena, there will be a ramp to your left leading up to a drop-off overlooking the work bench, ahead and slightly to the left. To the right you will be staring almost direct down the walkway/bridge leading to the other side of the arena over the chasm. For the first 10 waves this trick will not help you very much as the zombies pretty much spawn anywhere you're not. However, after wave ten, if you are standing on the very top, flat surface of the ramp, the zombies will almost always spawn behind some rocks at the end of the bridge. That alone is helpful, having knowledge of where they're going to spawn every time, but that is not all. If you pay close attention, when you are standing on the flat spot, nearly all of your enemies turn around and head back to their spawn point. The exceptions to this are Suiciders and your fast movers: Butchers and the Infected. It does still work for every single other type of enemy on this level. It can be used as a type of "On/Off" switch to control the flow of enemies and hordes travelling across the bridge will often knock each other off the edge when turning around, making it easy to advance through waves without much effort. Using this technique, all wave related trophies/achievements become exceptionally easy to accomplish.
  • In the Definitive Edition, Thobey Givens will have his mouth moving and subtitles for what he is saying will show up on the screen, but he will not actually be speaking in game. This was not the case in the original game, where he spoke fine.