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Blood Ties is a hard difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Kwan in Dead Island.


The Hero must locate Kwan's brother, Cho, and escort him to the Warehouse.


  • Talk to Kwan to start the quest.
  • He'll explain that he and his brother came to Moresby to find work from Korea, but they got separated when the outbreak happened and he's very worried about his brother. He asks you to look out for him while you're in the city.
  • Exit the warehouse and make your way towards where Garett Grant is. Cho is located in a house not too far from Garett's location.
  • Head down the road that travels parallel to the Warehouse and follow it to the end. It turns right and then go to the end to turn left with it. Don't take the first left where the quest Survivor is located, as it's a dead end. Take the second left instead. You'll fight some Walkers and possibly a Ram on the way, so watch out for it.
  • Follow it to the end of the road and go off the road, down the hill. You'll see another road down the slope. Head to that.
  • At the bottom of the slope, take the first right down an alleyway. There's a couple of Infected this way, so prepare to fight them off.
  • Once they're dead, continue down the alley and take a left. You'll enter a clear area in the middle of some shacks. One of the shacks has got a fast travel/portal icon. Don't bother fighting off the Walkers here, just run past them and use the portal to get into the building. This will save you a little weapon durability unless you really want the XP.
  • The inside of the building is infested with zombies. There's several zombies in the room to the left, while an Infected is inside the bathroom to the right.
  • Kill them all and then clear out the kitchen at the back of the house, through the right doorway. There's about 3 or so Walkers in here.
  • Once the house is cleared and secured, break down the left door at the back of the house to get into the bedroom and find Cho. Before you talk to him, prepare a good weapon, you'll need it for the next part of the quest.
  • Talk to Cho and he will express happiness that Kwan is alive. Determined to be reunited with his brother, he jumps up and runs for the front door.
  • Exit the house after Cho is through and prepare to run a gauntlet of zombies.
  • This is now the 'escort' part of this escort quest. Cho moves at his own pace and goes via a set path. You can't change his path or how fast he moves. It's down to you to protect him. Cho moves quickly and if you take too long, he will leave you behind, putting him in danger of being killed by zombies. Stick close to him when possible.
  • If you killed the Walkers in front of the house, they've now respawned because you've reloaded the area, so take them out quickly and then follow him.
  • Cho makes a beeline for the road at the end of a long alleyway in front of you. It's narrow and full of zombies. Stick close to Cho and don't linger to finish off any zombies. He'll run down the alleyway, up two sets of stairs to reach the main road. The hard part is now done. Kill any Walkers still following you and then follow him.
  • He'll take a right and then follow the road to the left. He'll then go past the small market area to reach the area where the side quest Survivor takes place.
  • Normally there's only a couple of Walkers here, but this quest spawns certain zombies along your route. This is one such instance.
  • Cho will point them out and then hang back. The zombies will then be marked on the minimap with red skull icons, indicating that they must be killed to progress.
  • There's some Walkers and a Thug here. Take out the Walkers first, then dismember the Thug.
  • Once they're all dead, return to Cho and escort him the rest of the way
  • The warehouse door will automatically open when Cho gets near to it, so don't worry about opening up the door for him.
  • He'll go inside, happily reunite with Kwan, before taking a seat against the wall.
  • Talk to Kwan to finish the quest and get your reward.


  • The house doesn't actually appear on your minimap as an objective marker when you receive the quest. You need to stumble across it manually.
  • You can easily find the house while completing the side quest The First Head of Cerberus.
  • The roof of the apartment Cho is in is actually the location of the second speaker, which is a handy reference for where he is located.
  • After this, Cho will stay in the Warehouse for the rest of the game.
  • Certain zombies will spawn along the route that wouldn't be there normally. The best example of this is the Thug that appears not too far from the warehouse. Most of the escort quests do this, as these zombies don't appear again after the quest is completed. The side quest Omar Escort is another example of this.
  • You can find ID Card 60 in the bedroom with Cho.
  • There's also a common rarity baseball bat next to him, but at this point in the game you'll probably be over level compared to what it's offering.


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