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Blood Compound is an easy difficulty continuous event given to the Hero by Monroe in Dead Island.


Monroe asks the Hero to bring him 5 Suicider Meat from Suiciders.


  • Talk to Dr Monroe to start the quest.
  • He wants you to bring him some Suicider meat for him to study.
  • Suicider meat can be tricky to get, as Suiciders are not guaranteed to drop it when they die. They more often than not give out rags instead.
  • Kill as many Suiciders or get them to blow up as you can and check the bodies for meat.
  • Alternatively, the meat can be very rarely sold by a few merchants at a high price.
  • Once you have 5 meat, return to Monroe and hand it over for your reward.


  • After the player finishes the main quest Back in Black, the Laboratory will be overrun by Zombies and Monroe will disappear. However, this side quest given by Monroe will still be there and now act as a smart respawn mechanism: if the player selects and tracks this side quest before quitting the game, they will eventually respawn in the original room where Monroe was located. (Please refer to Patch 1.3 for more info on the smart respawn mechanic).
  • Due to the comparative rarity of Suicider meat, this continuous quest is one of the harder ones to complete in the game.