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Block Zero - Warehouse is a location in the Prison featured in Dead Island. It is a general purpose warehouse which holds various supplies for the Prison, as well as food for the kitchen. The Heroes come through here during the main Quest Dante's Kitchen, when they are tasked by Titus Kabui to clear out both the warehouse and kitchen, so that the prisoners have a supply of food.


The warehouse is a relatively small room filled with metal shelving, featuring a basic concrete flooring, damaged and decaying concrete walls and a concrete ceiling. High power lights on the roof light up the area, whilst a barricade wall has been made around the entrance double doors from Block Zero - First Floor. The barricade is made from shelving and wooden boxes, whilst the rest of the space is filled with Zombies, metal shelving and more wooden boxes and other miscellaneous containers. A few dead bodies of guards and Unrecognizable Bodies are also found on the floor or against walls. A short corridor leads to Block Zero - Kitchen, which has more shelving and containers.


  • ID Card 87 can be found next to the dead body on top of a shelf, accessible via climbing some boxes.
  • A box of Pistol Ammo can also be found next to the body.
  • Two Meat Bait can be found on shelves in the warehouse, one at the entrance barricade and another just the other side of it. They can be used to distract the zombies for a moment.
  • A Molotov Cocktail can be found on a shelf in the corridor leading to the kitchen.
  • Often a white 'common' rarity Fire Axe can be found in one of the holders on the walls.
  • Various Food is found here, including Energy Drinks, Snacks and Extra Snacks.
  • Various Propane Tanks can be found in the warehouse, which can be used to blow up the Walkers if used carefully.