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Block Zero - Armory is a location in the Prison featured in Dead Island. It is one of the armories located across the Prison to supply guards with equipment in case of fights or riots. The Heroes are sent here by Titus Kabui during the main Quest Full Metal Jacket in order to retrieve guns for the prisoners to arm them, so they feel safer against the Zombies. After the armory is unlocked by Kevin "Charon" Barrister, they find it stripped bare, with only a single ammo box to bring back to Titus.


The armory consists of a small concrete room attached to a longer corridor which goes to other areas of the prison. The armory itself is guarded by a solid metal blast door that has a keycard lock to prevent access by the prisoners. A barred window is looking into the corridor which would likely have been staffed by a quartermaster of some sort, so that guards could be given weapons and supplies without needing to enter the armory. The floor consists of grey concrete tiles along with dirty ceramic tiled walls, the top half of which is painted white whilst the lower half is painted grey. The ceiling is grey concrete with lights, wires and tubing running across it leading to other parts of the prison. Against the walls are various lockers, metal shelving and weapon racks to keep both melee weapons and firearms as well as ammunition for the guards to use in an emergency.


  • There's a lot of white 'common' rarity Police Batons found here.
  • Various boxes of Ammunition can be found to replace any you have used.
  • The Striker Rifle Mod can be found on a table in the armory.
  • Several Propane Tanks can be found in the corridor.
  • A white 'common' rarity Fire Axe can spawn in the holder opposite the door into the armory.